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  1. Great spot, worked great using the gandalf exploit in it. managed to root, amend my build prop so my product name is changed then unroot, now Sky Go works :-)
  2. Sorry nope, it is my main phone that I use for work so cannot have it going down completely. Am happy to give any details on partitions, etc. and logcats or anything but can't be without it I'm afraid. I'm happy to wait for an ASUS bootloader unlock tool if that's the way to go. To be honest haven't needed root really as yet and if Sky get there arses in gear and get Sky Go to work on it then I wouldn't bother rooting. Have a Chromebook now for tinkering with, have that sideloaded with Ubuntu to 'play' with now :)
  3. Just had another OTA update down, now on f/w JZO54K.TW_Padfone- Still Android 4.1.2, must be a bug fix release as can't see anything new/different and was only around a 6mb file.
  4. Just received another OTA update (my 2nd since getting the phone direct from TW), good to see ASUS are on the ball. Now on firmware version (still Android 4.1.2) and also received a camera f/w update to version 71064. Also 3x ASUS s/w updates today in the Play Store. They have been busy :)
  5. Got my Padfone Infinity and station/tablet dock too and am interested in rooting it, would rather not have to unlock the bootloader though, just want root for backups and to maybe change build prop for Sky Go etc :) Version details: Android Version: 4.1.2 Baseband Version: M3.19.19-A80_12133 [Apr 11 2013 12:11;43] Kernel Version: 3.4.0-perf-g00c0cd6-00001-g8fa9b78 [email protected])) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 15 19:29:09 CST 2013 Build Number: JZO54K.TW_Padfone- Camera f/w version: 71057 Padfone D/S Version: I8562-p565-tW00080005-c0219 Touch f/w version: C6 -T0 -V76 Paul & friends, any help on rooting would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to be a guinea pig :)
  6. Installed this on my Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE by copying into system/app and setting permissions then rebooted. Loads up fine and shows 'Setting up Wallet, this may take up to 5 minutes'. After around 10 seconds it then comes up with: 'Device Not Ready. Wallet is unable to proceed until this device is fully initialized. Make sure the device has network access and try rebooting if the problem persists.' I have tried on Wifi and 3G to no avail, have rebooted and obviously have NFC enabled throughout? I've used a patched version of Wallet before fine but on my old Nexus 7, without issue ? My phone's runing the latest stock EE firmware (I9305XXBLL5) but is rooted. Any help would be appreciated please?
  7. http://android.clien...4K.094f6629.zip Have mentioned it on the MCR rom thread and tweeted Paul :)
  8. 4.2 out for Nexus 7 :) Can we expect an updated Modaco ROM please ? http://android.clients.google.com/packages/data/ota/google_nakasi/094f6629314a.signed-nakasi-JOP40C-from-JZO54K.094f6629.zip
  9. Ended up going back to full stock after bodging up by updating to 4.1.2 OTA and flashed JR8 at the weekend and had issues with the keyboard. At the point in the Google setup wizard when you try to sign in to your wireless connection, the keyboard was popping up then erroring straight away (FCing). In the end to get around it I setup wifi tethering to my S3 phone as open, just to get past it, I installed a third party keyboard (SwiftKey 3) and all ok since then but made the setup a tad awkward! Other than that JR8 is flying :) Nice work Paul!
  10. Same here with the TeamViewerQS, Paul any chace of getting the TeamViewerQS to work on any tablet, specifically a Moto Xoom or Xoom 2 ?
  11. Any chance of getting the new version of Wallet (v1.5-R75-v6) working on the UK Nexus 7 please ? :) I got the update yesterday on mine (running the v6 Modaco rom) and now when I try to run the app it tells me that my device is not supported and "Unfortunately, Google Wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network". Apparently the new version now lets you link and credit card too your wallet :) see http://www.landofdroid.com/2012/google-wallet-updates-to-add-any-card-to-your-mobile-wallet/
  12. I'm using this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.steadfastinnovation.android.projectpapyrus&feature=nav_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDMsImNvbS5zdGVhZGZhc3Rpbm5vdmF0aW9uLmFuZHJvaWQucHJvamVjdHBhcHlydXMiXQ.. Dead easy to use, loads of features and can even export as pdf and email/save to Google Drive/Dropbox, etc. + it's a free app :)
  13. I have an Adonit Jot Pro (http://adonit.net/product/jot-pro/) which I got about 4 or 5 months ago to use with my (at the time) ASUS Transformer Prime, for note taking & drawing. At that time it seemed to be the best of the best (according to the numerous reviews I read and viewed online) and I definitely give them a thumbs up as they work great. I'd go for the normal one, not Pro (only difference is the Pro is magnetized!), which will save you about £5. I got my Pro one from eBay for about £25, think you can get teh standard Adonit Jot's for about £15 :)
  14. I did ? Back on stock everything again now, do I dare try this again .... :) lol UPDATE: I dared and it worked fine this time. Only thing I can think that is different is that I hadn't done the OTA to 4.1.1 this time (did get the update popup after a few mins. but clicked on update later). So SU in place and just installing custom recovery. Nice one Paul :)
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