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  1. enterusername

    Best pdf application

    What's the best pdf application and why? Looking for one easy on the eyes.
  2. enterusername

    Modaco ICS ROM?

    + 1
  3. enterusername

    calendar app

    I use smooth calendar Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  4. enterusername

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Galaxy S II...

    Galaxy S II looks alot better to me :S
  5. I have the echo too sometimes, thought it was a problem with the phone? Is there a way to revert back to the original radio on the rom? :(
  6. enterusername

    Win a Xperia Ray with MoDaCo and Sony Ericsson

  7. Hi Paul, Battery Percentage modification would be nice too. I just flashed from gr5, really miss that modification.
  8. enterusername

    Extra battery for SGSII

    Great battery picked it up on eBay for a cheap pricr
  9. Well I'm still patiently waiting for gr6. Gr5 works good for me though.
  10. Saw a post on xda regarding burn in. You may not want to disable that feature to protect the screen.
  11. enterusername

    problem with mp3 files

    You have to create a folder called music on the sd card and place the files there
  12. enterusername

    time for a new charger?

    I know I wrecked one phone by using a black berry charger
  13. enterusername

    time for a new charger?

    Becareful with Black berry chargers. They have higher voltage. You could wreck your device
  14. I've tried a few roms. I like this one. It seems the most stable... Looking forward to gr6.

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