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  1. Christian Jensen

    Getting Force Close on Superuser

    Hi, Everything is working very well on my newest modaco rom except the Superuser app. When I use app's like Terminal Emulator or Adfree I get an FC from Superuser and the phone hangs for a little while. I have Titanium Backup in the Superuser app so that works but everything not in the Superuser app doesn't work. I also have USB Debugging set to on. Any hints on getting this working again ? /C
  2. Christian Jensen

    What DLNA???

    Same here. I have DLNA working between different boxes but my phone is not able to see any of them :-( /C
  3. Christian Jensen

    Removed Google Maps

    I think I've already tried this without much success but I will give it a go once more and see what happens. Thanks /C
  4. Christian Jensen

    Removed Google Maps

    Hi, I followed a guide on how to update the Google Maps on my phone the other day. I did however find a guide that kinda took me a bit in the wrong direction. I have rebooted to Clockwork recovery and removed Maps.apk and Streetview.apk and rebooted back to normal mode where I tried to install the maps. Then tried to install them using adb shell commands, through the market. Tried to extract it from the modaco image present on my phone and then copy pushing it back on the system partition just have something working but none of this worked. I then read in another forum that I should have uninstalled it using Titanium Backup before deleting it from the system backup. I have rebooted a billion times now and tried formatting the cache partition and do all sorts of steps in different ways but nothing works. Reading around it appears that some data is left on the phone that makes the phone deny the package as it sees it's already present in some sort of internal database. I can't get past this and I would very much like to avoid putting a new ROM on top of the one I have now. Does anyone have any advice on how to get an updatable Google Maps application on my phone ? /C
  5. Christian Jensen

    Receiveing SMS while talking

    Thats very disappointing (HTC wise) I would have expected this to be an easy fix. I will try Handcent and see how it goes. Thanks for all your suggestions. :)
  6. Christian Jensen

    Receiveing SMS while talking

    Hi, I don't know if this is because of the Modaco ROM or not but when i receive an SMS or MMS while talking on the phone I get the notification tone played (load) into my ear which is pretty annoying. Can I somehow turn of the SMS/MMS tone while on the phone? It is really annoying to get a loud "PLING" when holding the phone to the ear. I didn't have this problem on my HTC Hero (w/Modaco ROM). /Christian
  7. Christian Jensen

    How to re-root my 1.5 Stock Rom

    Turns out I didn't have root permisisons prior to installing it. Will be flashing a new rom after all.. I found out by restoring my previous backup :) Yes - you can call me a n00b!
  8. Christian Jensen

    How to re-root my 1.5 Stock Rom

    Hi, I recently installed A2SD on my rooted stock rom and for some reason it is not rooted anymore. If I boot into the recovery rom and connect using ADB SHELL it is still rooted but as soon as it has booted the ROM it is no longer rooted. What happened and how the "bleep" do i get it back to be rooted again? I have thought about the Modaco roms but I do not have the time to reinstall all my apps, loosing all my settings, text messages etc. /Christian

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