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  1. guys, sorry for my English, I put the beta in 13 but I'm s-on, having hboot 1:57 can not get it to go to s-off, when I try to put my GPA back to sense, what can I do? sorry for my english
  2. is there a way to completely replace the start menu icons with these http://www.iconspedia.com/icon/metro-phone-blue-18109.html? ;)
  3. Sorry guys I'm new and I would put the rom energy ^ ^. I wanted to know just download and flesh oopure I enter even a basic rom because I now I get on the ji1. first thank you ^ ^ and sorry my english ^ ^
  4. Sorry guys when I install the theme and then restart the devaice a message that says: mortscipt v4.3b5. MSCR and. mortrun registred extensions. Any plese run .mscr / .mortrun file or read the manual. how can I fix ^ ^ ^ sorry my english^^
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