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  1. Hello paul i just purchased the add free membership. While i now have access to the kitchen, after i upload my file and then press bake it just takes me to the purchase page for add free and plus. I can bake without uploading my zip, but after adding 9mb zip it does what i stated. No download. :(
  2. a little late on that one. It has been out a few days... Thanks though :)
  3. Could this be due to the APN issue? did you manually enter APN? if you did not, you need to. If you have done it already, then i dont know what could be causing that. Can you log in to FB through the browser?
  4. For those saying only use 512mb for ext3 for A2SD, that sucks. 512mb is not a whole lot more than you would have to install to originally is it? i have over a gig of apps i want to install. 512 just wont cut it for A2SD for me.
  5. Your answer is all over these last few pages. you must configure APN with r22.
  6. How did you get it working? i would love to know. Not sure about moving existing apps, i always waited to install apps untill i got a2sd working, then they all installed to sd. /shrug
  7. I'm having same problem, your not alone. I've asked for help concerning A2SD multiple times but never get any replies. /shrug
  8. Paul will publish r22 public soon i'm sure. the r21 seems borked. If you help a little to offset the cost of this website by becoming an "Ad Free" member, you will have access to the Kitchen to build your own rom. It's not much money and worth it to have Kitchen access.
  9. Ext 3 does NOT work fine. I've tried Ext2, 3 and 4 with 2 different sd cards and 2 different N1's and cant get A2SD working with r22 Desire rom. Can with other roms, just not this one. You are pretty rude for not knowing what you are talking about. Oh and that was Pauls quote not his. You have failed miserably at being a helpful forum member. You have been on Android since day 1? WOW Can i have your autograph?
  10. Still need help here guys. Thanks so much for any suggestions.
  11. Thanks. I just read the desire kernel was out so maybe no need for the incredible.
  12. I dont understand how my quote has anything to do with your reply. Mis Quote? lol
  13. Paul has shown me the way of Sense. I cant go back. I want it so bad that if Paul or Cyanogen develop roms for the new Evo, i will pre-order one today. I just dont think i could deal with stock roms anymore. No matter how good the phone. Could you imagine what Paul could do with an Evo? Would be Hands down Iphone killer!
  14. Hello Paul. I was wondering if the Evo is a device you will be working with in the future? I 'm thinking of getting one and just wondering if you ( preferably :) ) or anyone else will be developing custom roms for it. Thanks so much for your hard work. Have a great day!
  15. Question for Paul, Since HTC Incredible Kernel is out there, do you plan on maybe porting that over to N1? or is there something that would make that not possible, or maybe not feasible? Maybe no Incredible in your Country? Thanks for Reply and All your hard work
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