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  1. After a few days playing with froyo, installing, uninstalling and who knows waht. finally im satisfied. so time to share i installed froyo on my storeg first partition is fat32 logical second is ext3 logical (i use ext3 cause for some reason my phone is much faster then with ext4) i dont know why but for some reason for example loading galery on ext4 lasts for ages after 15 minutes and loaded a 10 or so images on ext3 its all in that time, so that's way ext3 for me i used 2d/3d drivers provided on xda-developers and init.rc+vold.fstab provided few pages earlier. so all in all now my omnia is supprisingly fast, market works, but still some programs like angry birds won't install did not try by unmounting sd cause im not big fan of angry birds, but will try in day or two my compliments to devs looking forward to the new features and fixes
  2. can anyone tell me how to connect my phone to pc through usb so i can transfer files???? for me everithing is working, i did have unable to wake up request but it booted when i installed mix drivers provided on 291 or same other page market and wifi work with no problem only thing that is bodering me so far is alarm not starting until i wake the phone. for now that is the biggest isue so far.
  3. I've reinstalled android with last update, everithing works, but no sensors which i forgot to put is there a way to add them without reinstalling and how
  4. I need help!!! Every time I update my phone with now zimage and moduls i got blank screen when message "phone power on" should appear. is there a way to resolve this or do i have to install android again. right now android is installed on my storage with 03.03. update moduls and kernel
  5. It worked thanks a lot, none of my keys worked i can't say way and im using i8000 anyway your files did the trick, thanks
  6. After upgarde to ext4 my key's don't work i've used keymap and fix provided by jimmad in his tutorial, and also everything is done by tutorial but no result what should i do please help
  7. same problem was on feb 8 rom... but all i had to do is start wm standard alarm and select a sound in there then sense alarm had a sound
  8. How do i remove launcher pro, cant find it in applications????
  9. i'm also interested in this till android is operational, or at least stable of daily use my guess is or i'm hoping it's neomtel smax
  10. Can some of you that have wifi working full speed tell me what winmo rom are you using I just can't escape the feeling that it's somehow connected, couse till now i had samsung jj1 stock and on first start android used to crash and restart 2-3 times and than it would start but with lot of wait messages apearing.... now ii'm on speedfrog lite sense jj1 also but first android start was with no restarting and in an hour of using i may be hev 5-6 wait screens
  11. Pushing and hloding the camera button for a second or two is a home button as far as i can tell
  12. I have one question... maybe it's stupid but..... does it matter what winmo rom it is? I mean is it better if it's some lite rom or stock from samsung, or it does make no difference??? Thanks
  13. my bad, sorry forgot there is a folder, no just files from folder put directly to windows and overwrite
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