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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for the screens. Is there any noteable differences with this and JG4? Cheers! :)
  2. For anybody who wants to merge two SMS backups together into one inbox (or just add old sms messages into their inbox) PIM Backup is a great program! PIM Backup gives you the option of deleting old SMS's and then restoring the ones from the backup OR adding SMS's that aren't currently in the inbox. Much better than Sprite Backup and SKTools Backup. It's a shame that it took me to try 3 backup programs before I could do what i wanted to do in the first place. Thanks guys
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a little bit stuck here and maybe one of u guys knows the solution. Basically i've made two backups of my SMS and contacts (one in april and one just recently using both Sprite Backup and SKTools). Now i'm working with a new ROM and i want to restore both these sets of SMS messages to my new ROM (i've got the contacts sorted out). The problem is that it never merges these two SMS backups together. It just takes one or the other...but i want BOTH of them. I believe this is because of the cemail.vol file. After i've restored one backup file and then the other it overwrites the cemail.vol file from the first backup/restore leaving just the SMS's from the 2nd backup/restore there. But i want BOTH hehe. Does anybody know how i could do this? Or can't i merge two backup/restores into 1? Basically i can restore each backup individually just not merge the two together =( Maybe there is a program out there that does this? No idea... Thanks for your help everyone!
  4. Hey i flashed the EBOOT that came with this ROM and i've still got exactly the same amount of RAM...only 147.11MB :huh: I've got 147.11MB Program RAM and 161.79 Storage RAM...Is this normal??
  5. HEY EVERYONE! Quick Question: With this ROM i flashed everything BUT the EBOOT but now i want the extra RAM. Do i have to flash everything again or can i just do the EBOOT??? THANKS!
  6. Woah it worked..Awesome!! Thanks heaps! Surely i wasn't the only one with that problem...good stuff!
  7. Hi everyone!! Just today i updated my phone from 6.5 to 6.5.3 JD1 ROM using the latest ROM via the Samsung Mobile Firmware Downloader. However now with any SMS messages i receive, the sender's contact ID (their name) is missing!!! Only their number is displayed and NOT their name =( Pretty annoying and it happens in threaded or non-threaded view. Also in the Call Log their name is displayed and it's all good. On 6.5 it was all sweet... Does anybody know why this could have happened?? How can i fix it?? Thanks for your replies!! =)
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