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  1. I think hacking is sort of good thing isn't it? I don't totally grasp why modifying someone else's app's behaviour is unethical? We generally modify behaviour of apps most of the time don't we? Plus if there was an app that changes how other apps behave then it's not a bad thing i.e. if I have a app that hacks into my facebook app to upload my twitter update - that's not unethical. The way I am thinking is, 'status bar' originally 'task bar' in windows PDAs was supposed to be there because Microsoft wanted Laptop's and PDA to look a lil similar. But that was in the days of monopoly in smartphone market by WinMos. After that we got iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc, but we still have carried on with having a status bar! This might bring originality on the whole anyway. A dynamic widget that keeps scrolling your notifications as they arrive the same way the status bar does or even 'Missed it' app tries to do - that will help us swap between notifications. Since most launchers in Android come with ample of desktop screens and widgets can be developed for all apps - the idea of having an app that produces widget for everything that hits the status bar - would be cool and sufficient! Now, going back to removing the status bar and breaking apps - that might be potential downside as not all apps are designed to run full screen. But can no code just have a systemic effect of status bar staying in background all the time instead? i.e. not removing the bar, but making it such that it's appearance and use of real estate is minimized. May be just making the space it takes up to the smallest available value? So the depth will reduce to may be a thin thin thin hairlike line? Exactly! I've observed the same thing too! Most of the time I'm tempted to removing statusbar using titanium or even freezing it, but don't know if the world will end by doing so! Very skeptical, but that experiment is on my 'to do' list.. I've done that on GSF once I think. When going from one ROM to GSF, I lost my status bar. The first ROM had power widget, the GSF din't at that time. So I think it is most likely something that we change during addition of power widget? or something in that direction? The phone did work fine apart from few FC errors initially and nothing. I think all apps etc were fine for me till I got home. Shame, I din't try any games on that day! But there are plenty of alternatives for status bar. When I was using WinMo, SPB Shell was the best replacement for home screen. SPB Shell had it's own 'app drawer' if you like and plenty of widgets for - clock, signal strenghts, battery, alarm with counter, sms counter, email counter and even a 'running apps' widget. So ideally a home replacement with plenty of widgets could easily control all the multi-tasking the status bar does. Plus, widgets could be designed, themed etc to the liking and functionality could be dynamic i.e. you could have only 3 widgets on your homescreen whereas I might want to know everything in a single go so might have 8 widgets! I've been using google to see if I could try and understand how SPB did what it did on WinMo and although a different OS, the idea of status bar and it's function is similar!
  2. Try the app called Light Flow. It will do exactly what you want. Tried and tested. I'm using it!
  3. Yes you did understand in the wrong way ;) You can hide status bar in all ROMs via launcher - but that's just for the launcher screens and app drawer. As soon as you launch an activity like sms, email or call log - the bar re-appears. So the aim was to find out if the above linked code can be applied in some generic way which could 'force' all activities (not just apps) to go full screen on each launch. I know it might sound absurd idea especially when you get all notifications in status bar - but I've noticed that for majority of the notifications we either get a widget or dont need to be notified as much.. plus we get bigger real estate throughout the whole usage experience.
  4. https://market.android.com/details?id=mobi.infolife.taskmanager&hl=en https://market.android.com/details?id=com.james.SmartTaskManager&hl=en
  5. Guys any chance of few screenshots? Doesn't look like Sami has much time to upload those. He might be able to link your screenshots to first post later.
  6. Hey! I've been looking for making android full screen specially the fact that I want to see how hiding toolbar/status bar would work out. I've come across this website - http://www.androidsnippets.com/how-to-make-an-activity-fullscreen It suggests that by doing so, I should be able to run 'all' activities full screen which obviously should indirectly hide the status bar. Can anyone please suggest, how to, where to - apply this code on CM7 please (if it's possible). It might be a great idea if this can go as an .apk or flashable .zip but due to limitation to my knowledge of - if it will work at all and if it can be made into installable change, I need someone to help me. Thanks in advance!
  7. I am just flabbergasted to find out that people who own ZTE Blade, actually are using the camera app! Isn't camera pretty shite in this phone?! :o I have so far taken only 1 pic - that too by accident when camera just started as the shortcut was on desktop!
  8. I might not be very keen music lover, but I do know that there is a difference between Dolby sound and Loud volume. Else all the movies would come with louder volume and theaters would have 5 extra speaks at the back instead of special dolby effects! My 2 cents and hence not keen on mods of MCSF that pretend to be dolby MCSF.
  9. Here you go - the weather and news one : http://www.multiupload.com/2RSJJ4CRW8 If normal .apk install doesn't work, then use root explorer and place the .apk in /system/apps and tick the top 2 boxes for permission - sorted!
  10. I did a clean installation on RLS6 - by signing the whole ROM (the attached ones few posts back). So far it's doing exactly what it was doing for me earlier on CM7 - toggles as soon as I go to screen switch off. The benefit we get is the battery drain during 'ideal' or 'standby' is minimal. However once you use your phone - this app has no help whatsoever unless you use your phone in 2G - which makes much sense. It will help those who don't keep playing with their phones all the time and have much longer stand-by time.
  11. If you can just sign the Toggle2G.apk then it will be perfect. But din't think you would have that spare time at hand, so instead just re-signed the ROM.
  12. Oh btw, for this one - if possible wipe dalvik and cache partition. If any of the pre-installed apps FC, then a clean install is recommended. It's due to re-signing that some apps might not know what's going on! :)
  13. Hi KonstaT! First of all - brilliant work! The smoothness and fluidity of this ROM has baffled me to wits' end. Din't know Gingerbread Launcher could be this smooth! I haven't got the chance to see how my battery performs but I'm sure it won't drain that bad as I know you yourself are much of a battery lover. I've modded your ROM to work with toggle 2G/3G app in-built. This app will turn off 3G and switch to 2G as soon as screen is switched off. This 2G connection is enough to perform background sync and also will prevent battery loss due to continous 3G connectivity. Tried and tested. Works like a charm! Flash file 1: ROM_Mod_LinkFlash file 2: ROM_Modfinalclean_LinkReboot now.You will have Toggle 2G/3G icon in the app drawer. Change settings according to your needs. Default is 'manual'. By changing to automatic you can get it to do above described toggle.Done!
  14. Here is the new market - http://android.modaco.com/topic/348101-android-market/ (3.3.11) Uninstall the old one with titanium back up or root uninstaller and reboot then install this apk.
  15. Sorry tapatalk dint quote before. There is an. Apk uploaded in forum for 3.3.11 http://android.modaco.com/topic/348101-android-market/
  16. I've uploaded the .apk in a thread for Market 3.3.11 when it was released. - http://android.modaco.com/topic/348101-android-market/
  17. Why doesn't it have an option to switch on and switch off dolby like original MCSF had? There isn't any option in the settings to toggle dolby. Is it genuinely the dolby or have you tweaked the volume to boost highest?
  18. That version 3 doesn't have an option for 'dolby on and off' within the sound settings! It does have louder volume but that's about it! Or is it fixed now?
  19. On RLS2 - anyone's blade heating up? Mine is. No OC - no apps either. Just normal browsing on internet makes back of the blade near camera (like old days) hot!
  20. *yawn* why do we have a thread for philosophical discussions? Let's all get back to rom making and rom flashing please! ;) Public warning: This was meant to go down as a joke, hope it does.
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