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  1. Where is the problem there? The white area at the bottom? That's perfectly normal for every Manila2D-rom I've seen so far. Looks like you've flashed using GrandPrix. I've flashed the TouchInput version using GrandPrix without problems. When you get checksum errors you should download the rom again. It seems your file is corrupted. This can happen while downloading, extracting or when extracting the exe-file with EXEcutor. So just try to download the file again.
  2. kab89 obviosly wants to know how he has to name the files for the tv-tab you attached, andrew. When you attach images, they lose their original file names. @kab89: Please download the attachment of this thread as a reference how to name the files. Maybe it would be better if andrew could upload theses images again as a zip file.
  3. Yeah, it works here, too. But unfortunately no landscape mode for us german people. But this is a minor complaint as I will look out for other keyboards anyway :P May I ask which files you had to edit to make the german or other regions working with TouchInput?
  4. Ock knows about this since his GTX refreshed rom. I think we have to edit some XML-files to fix it. I tried to copy the files from yonn's rom (it's working fine in his rom), but it's not possible to overwrite the old files. I wonder what yonn did to make it working.
  5. Tap and hold between two shortcuts and select "options". On the "On launch"-tab set "Vibrate on launch" to 0 ms.
  6. @andrew.mazlim About the tv-tab: Do you intend to create a nice icon for it? If so, would you share it? I am good at programming and technical stuff, but I am very bad at all things related to art. Also, was my answer related to the operator-tab helpful?
  7. You could just replace the icon-files. These can be found in the Windows-folder of your phone. The names always begin with "OPERATOR_", like "OPERATOR_SMS.png". These files are hidden. If you want to change the text on the icons or change the icons to use another file, you have to edit the registry, NOT the file "HTCHomeSettings.xml". The entries of the operator tab (or action screen) are stored in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\Manila2D\Operator". There you will find a subfolder for every icon.
  8. Did you try a hard reset? (Hold send and end-keys while turning on the phone)
  9. I have the feeling you don't really understand how M2DTP (M2D TodayPage) works. In the Tools folder of the start menu, you have M2DTP_Config. With this nice tool you are able to create so called "windows" inside any of the Manila2d tabs. As you can see, there is already a "Windows_00" created by ock. This window is configured to show up on the home-tab and to display the two plugins "HomeScreen++" (for the missed calls notifications) and "iPhoneToday" (for the four shortcuts). If you want to have other plugins shown on other tabs, you have to create a new window (window_01) and configure it that way that it shows on the TV Tab. Please note that you have to enable the TV Tab first using "M2DC", also found in the tools folder. Unfortunately M2D won't load any more when you activate the TV tab. This is because ock doesn't provide icons for the TV tab with his rom, so M2D crashes at startup. The TV tab works when you copy the files found in this thread to the windows-folder of your phone. Of course, these icons look ugly with the eclipse-theme, so you may want to use them as a template to create your own icons. When you have the TV tab running you can use M2DTP_Config to create a new window there and place your today plugins. These four shortcuts are placed using the iPhoneToday-plugin. To change a shortcut, just tap and hold one icon and choose "Edit Icon" from the context menu. There you can easily change the icon and the file to execute. Unfortunately I don't know yet how to create cab files. But iPhoneToday stores its shortcuts in "Program Files\iPhoneToday\icons.xml", so maybe you want to backup this file and just overwrite it after a hard reset.
  10. Don't you think we should discuss your customizing-problems in public? Maybe there are others with similar problems. It could be interesting for other people what ock has to say about your questions.
  11. Hey Ock, thanks for the new rom. I prefer the eclipse over GTX. It's a pity you didn't manage to fix the german layout of the TouchInput keyboard. Maybe I will ask yonn how he did it, because it's working fine in his rom. Thank you for all your hard work on the omnia.
  12. Wow OCK, thanks for your kitchen! I will see what I can do with it. This is really generous and I highly appreciate it!
  13. Nice ROM, I am really surprised of the speed. One problem though: The keyboard looks broken when switched to german.
  14. I am almost certain this is what yonn means with "New TodayPage 0.32 "support new M2D version" with HS++ GTX Skin". Look here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=602221
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