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  1. Nice, Makes me feel hungry :)
  2. Confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus I have received from three is NOT locked! :)
  3. Thanks for that, hopefully be able to Unlock it as my three sim is a stated - Sim Zero so will get expensive to use it with!
  4. FatherD... The one that you got from Three, is it locked do you know? I have one on the way (Eventually) for £499 (If you have a Sim Zero contract you can call upgrades and just pay £499 for the handset so you don't have to pay £10/£15 for a voucher) but you do have to listen to Hard Sell from an Indian Call Centre about how it would be better to pay £37/month and get the phone for free!
  5. That is exactly what attracted me to the thread, a PM. Lets hope things are all settled now, I warned amel90 for some language that Modaco and probably any other English speaking forum would ever accept.
  6. I don't have time to read the whole of this post now, but please keep it clean. Some words are not tolerated on this forum under any circumstances.... Why can't everyone just simmer down a little bit now.
  7. I agree, it does make things much smoother! Still have to make the alteration to get flash running though. BBC iPlayer and ITVPlayer (UK) work well. iPlayer slightly better because of native full screen. Channel4 4oD doesn't seem to play anything though which is bizarre as this is flash based. SkyPlayer sadly need silverlight to run. Still think it is bizarre how Jerky it is when you press the power button though, can't see any real need for this?? Fantastic Device, especially with the Market and other addons, and now with the Performance Pack also :P Just need to find a decent case to protect it now though if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Just to add that I also had problem with Windows 7 64 Bit, so did this on my laptop (Windows 7 32 Bit) and everything worked fine... Not quite sure why, but the android phone doesn't even appear in Device Manager even with USB Debugging turned on. PC issue I think!
  9. Didn't you know - West is the new East! :)
  10. Just to add.... T Mobile is working fine here in the West Country (Devon/Somerset Border)
  11. That should be amusing! Paul Podacasting live <_< It would have to be evening or afternoon at the earliest for US people I guess...
  12. Yes you can. I had to change to o2 when I moved to Devon for reception reasons. I bought the phone from Direct sales and called them afterwards with my PAC from Orange and they transferred the number over.
  13. £1.46 per MB, that is seriously terrible.... Strange for that to be implemented as it's been posted here that Orange don't charge if you go over the 500mb bundle that was around in June/July. Also strange that they only offer 3gb as a package and that the advertised speed is Up To 1.8Mbps. Orange do offer HSDPA and as far as I was aware this provided Up To 7.2Mbps. If you have coverage, I would look at either look at T Mobile or attempt to join Orange's Busines Broadband Here which offers unlimited data (can't see any FUP) from £17 pm
  14. Mark

    Renewing PAYG Card?

    Ignore it if it is the E topup card, the date means nothing on them I was told when I worked for Orange...
  15. Sadly Tony, this app won't install. It give a Certificate Error...
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