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  1. Any chance of the market getting update in this ROM?
  2. Anyone else noticing a large amount of memory usage in the most recent bake?
  3. Rogem

    MCR r21 Archive

    One little bug I've found is that the headphone jack detection fails (So I can't use headphones).
  4. Rogem

    My Desire keeps rebooting

    I had a similar problem. It could be due to the phone running out of RAM on start up. I suggest you flash your ROM with one of the custom ones Paul provides and see if that fixes the problem.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTIwMTU2Nzk5 < This one is mine ^^
  6. Rogem

    Questions about rooting.

    1. Why Root? - To have access to system files, so you can remove/add apps which may be blocked on your phone. Almost it gives you more control over your phone, for example you can change the clock speed of the processor. Rooting also unlocks you a man card. 2. Can you tell? (from looking in the apps) - Only if you install "root only" apps. 3. Does memory decrease/Increase. - Rooting makes little difference to memory usage. However, after rooting you can install better memory managements tools such as an Apps to SD tool.
  7. Just tried it...I now have a new software love ;)
  8. It should remove sense, however when I removed it I found that my phone would get stuck on the bootup image :) I'm in love with the Launcher screen right now though ;)
  9. One little annoyance, I can't seem to change the default home screen between HTC Sense and Launcher - Switching back to r2 until fixed.
  10. Just updated with the new rom. Initially Worked, but now the core stuff is crashing on startup. ## Edit ## It looks like the phones internal memory is running out.
  11. Can you write an How To? I really want to get my kitchen build running tonight. ## Edit ## Any news on if the dropbear file in the bake?
  12. Update: re-Rooting + Unlocking my phone seemed to fix my problem.
  13. I just ordered an unlocking code from http://htcunlock.com/ to see if that will fix the problem. When it comes through I will tell you if it fixes my problem.

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