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  1. Can anyone check if bluetooth HID is working in this build? Thanks in advance.
  2. Nice work! Does bluetooth HID (i.e. keyboards) work with this Froyo ROM?
  3. I don't think the ZTE Blade 2.1 ROM or the leaked 2.2 ROM support bluetooth HID. If anyone gets a bluetooth keyboard working without using any third-party application, please let me know.
  4. Yet another kernel mirror: http://www.laddaupp.nu/android/zteblade/bladekernel.7z
  5. Does anyone know why bluetooth HID doesn't work in this 2.2 rom? It works in pretty much every other Froyo rom out there...
  6. I'll tell you how to make it much safer: First, they seem to use the the real pin and not a hash. If they insist on retrieving the program settings from the Internet, they should start using a salted hash (please note, it could still be hacked, so it isn't bullet proof). Secondly, Theft Aware is using a fully local version, storing the settings needed on the /system partition, instead of retrieving them from some remote server. The settings stored is a pin code hash and a friends phone number. The attacker could possibly brute force the hash to disable the system, but he/she could never use it for tracking my phone before it gets stolen. The real issue with Wavesecure isn't that the password is lost, but that you only need the IMEI number (not the physical phone) to get all backup data as well as start tracking the phone remotely. That is bad. I'm not saying that Theft Aware is perfect, but the developer seem to have at least a little security knowledge. You should pick whatever tracking application you like. Look around. BUT, do not use Wavesecure in it's current state.
  7. I'm using Theft Aware (www.theftaware.com). It's €10, but it is a one time fee. A new version is under development, and it looks really promising. The Android development has been a little slow lately since the same company also make a version for Symbian, and they apparently have been focusing on that platform the last couple of weeks. The new version is including hardware reset protection (encrypted settings file in /system folder) for rooted phones. I'm not sure when it will be released. I'm a beta tester and the new version is a release candidate right now, so I guess the finel version will be here in a few weeks. The really good thing with Theft Aware is that it is fully stand alone. No company gets access to my phone location. This was the reason I chose this application in the first place.
  8. This should interest you guys: http://secrep5265.blogspot.com/ If your phone is lost, so is your Wavesecure account, and all your backuped data. Edit: It seems Wavesecure has disabled the settings auto-restore feature because of the security issue i mentioned above.
  9. Reboot into recovery, mount /system, and move Quickoffice.apk from /data/app to /system/app. Reboot ... be happy :(
  10. Sony Ericsson MW600 is really good.
  11. No. Just keep the rom light. It's easy to add voice search later.
  12. Yeah, please update this good looking theme for the new bin!
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