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  1. Find an update.app for your device and load it via vol +,vol - power when it is on your /sdcard/dload. Or unlock your device, install custom recovery and flash another rom (or reinstall your boot.img) As long as you have a working bootloader, you're phone isn't bricked
  2. Try do delete the folder C:\Users\<username\AppData\Local\worstenbrood After that adjust the HuaweiUpdateExtractor.exe.config, you'll find the following there: <setting name="Size" serializeAs="String"> <value>1183, 829</value> </setting> The first digit is the height, second is the width, try changing it to smaller values and restart the application then.
  3. @Dazzozzo: For some reason i always get the wrong provider assigned on this rom. My apns are correct but my provider shows France Telecom instead of Mobistar. The other odd thing is that my phone really gets a french ip (prolly some proxy) when i go to whatsmyip.com. I cannot access some websites because they only allow belgian ips :/ Any idea how to fix this ? Thanks in advance
  4. If the bootloader isnt unlocked yet, request an unlock code by huawei. Unlock it en reflash your bootloader via fastboot. Be careful tho cause if you flash the wrong bl you have a brick
  5. I thought that the vol-/vol+/power combo was incorperated into the bootloader. Already tried to reflash that one ? Btw, do you have an unlocked bootloader ? Are you able to go into fastboot ?
  6. With WinHex (Specialist -> Interpret file as disk image) or ext4_extractor (http://sourceforge.net/projects/androidicsjbext/) Winhex can handle multiple fs, while the last one can only handle ext4.
  7. Well, did you try to install the update.app via vol+/vol-/power combo instead of via the recovery ? There are also some tools available to rewrite the imei (http://www.zz-key.com/update/zZ_Huawei_Advanced_Tool_v2.6.0.7.rar). The thing is that i need the partition layout and the mappings to the files in the .app file to create a valid flashable zip.
  8. https://mega.co.nz/#!RAMlVL6I!WjkJZW0Tc1Nn6StNvnRfUc7jRuuS31mgPYvzWn3ke38
  9. That would be weird since it is an attachment :/
  10. I like using winhex for that, it supports several fs instead of only ext4 :)
  11. Sure, if you select unknown you will be able to extract the update, but none of the parts are identified, you'll have to do that manually. S34Qu4K3 made a nice post on how to identify the partitions on your phone, after identifying them you have to map them to the files inside the update.app http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2398404 After identifying the parts and partitions, you can add them to the devices.xml
  12. Next version will have a repack function included, i'm adjusting the UI but most of the repacking code is already written.
  13. 1. First use this to backup and flash the hacked oem partition (carefully read the readme.txt): https://mega.co.nz/#...Cmuiz9dc6qTwjjU or https://mega.co.nz/#...KJgLcxXjIoXtWHA 2. Then extract this: https://mega.co.nz/#...a-3snQDCq7G_368 and put the update.app on your sdcard in the folder /dload and install it via vol up, vol down, power combo 3. After installation, restore the oem partition you backupped via step 1, reboot into recovery, DO A FACTORY WIPE (important) 4. Enjoy
  14. Np, glad i could help, i had some more options anyway :) I could have given you a stock G510-0010 rom and a way to flash it. But this is much easier.
  15. Try this baseband: https://mega.co.nz/#!9RcwFDyY!BHkvpisOMwqo9Nj1xrcxtnfWHpZLE5pSmEapgLyv-Uw It is the original for the G510-0010

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