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  1. thx mate for your work.. hope it can help dev team to make a better ROM for us.. where I can get the installer? or can any one compiled from the source and share it with us?
  2. I did a clean install.. 3 times already.. :( I think I'll try manual installation.. :) EDIT : after 2 times manual installation, problem still the same.. :( any other suggest?
  3. Yesterday I bought a brand new class 10 Micro SD and install CM Beta 2 on Micro SD.. until now, it works very smooth except 1 thing.. After the screen off, it wont wake up again (no matter which key I pressed :( ). until some one make a call or send me a SMS.. What did I miss? Any suggestion will be grateful. thank you.. Edit : but on charge state, it's act normal.. I press "wake up" key, it's wake up, unplug the power, the problem still the same.. :(
  4. because dev team focus on making a stable rom first and then, (maybe) will provide the way to change a boot logo or another thing for us ... and rather than keep saying about "dogs" word (you just embarrass yourself...), why don't you keep silent and wait for good news from dev team? ::no offence..::
  5. it's out of topic.. you can omit file with "txt~" extention..just stick with "txt" files.. :) 'txt~' files is the "backup" files if you edit the "txt" file in linux
  6. Yeah.. every phone is different.. but at least you can use search, and see what people said before you ask the question (again).... :) it's explained very clear before.. that's why other people "sick" with the same question..
  7. are you kidding?? PLEASE USE SEARCH.... keyword : installation problem...or look into 10-30 message before.. don;t be lazy...
  8. be patient bro... let dev team take their time to give us a better one.. :)
  9. No.. It's impossible..because limit by the hardware (resistive screen does not support multi touch, capacitive screen does.. )
  10. of course you can.. read several post behind.. the answer is there.. or I can say, download terminal emulator from the market, and run CM 6 is come with bash Shell.. I'm using this way to solve App2SD problem.. hope it work for you.. good luck
  11. voyteckst, can Froyo beta3, update 1 fix, applied to CM6? I think App2SD problem is not solved on CM6.
  12. Dear voyteckst, I think App2SD problem, is not solved on CM6. Would you check this? thx before..
  13. after running CM6 for about 5 hour, I got first restart. just show o2droid logo screen and then every thing back to normal(exclude the hour #mine is UTC+7) :( battery life is perfect... the phone idle about 5 hour, and the battery consumes less then 1% (at the first, I don't believe it.. but after I run wifi, then battery decreased, so I assume the indicator works fine) B) so, since the battery life is perfect, I think it's not a big deal for me.. I'll try another, it's an awesome job... It's totally brand new O2... :D
  14. I'm using manual installation on internal storage. for all people who may want to use manual installation, you can see the manual from page 94 (http://windows.modac...ost__p__1829477). I just follow all the step there, and I'm using fstab, init.rc and startup.txt from beta 3. for startup.txt you must add additional "vmalloc=256M". you can see it from my startup.txt all i can say.. it really fast.. thx dev team.. really appreciate it.. B)
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