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  1. 6 days into using switch and I am loving it.... One more problem I found is that whenever i switch to GPe, it always boot to GPe, waits for 5-10 seconds and reboots to GPe again after which it works fine...
  2. Better LTE speeds in GPe rom :) than TouchWiz :( .... Anyone else?
  3. this is known, as of now there is no fix for it other than using the default launchers or using 3rd party dialers
  4. downloaded and it re-booted to TWRP but didn't do anything, so installed it manually and rebooted, all working fine, no Contacts app Crashing :)
  5. problem is that in GPe ROM when we add the accounts in email app, after giving password and setting up the initial settings, it goes back again to first setup screen in email, its not saving the provided mail account
  6. Yes... Followed Step to step.... I had a 32gb SD card and was on Cwm recovery with custom rom .... After following everything... All are working fine since he released yesterday night...
  7. List of things having Issues: Touchwiz rom: Contacts app crashing Photo editor after taking screenshot crashing when I select drawing and Pen NOVA launcher shortcuts: Phone, Gallery and Camera gets corrupt when booted into Google ROM and Vice versa when you fix it in Google rom Unable to diable the touchwiz home launcher as you mentioned in the Post 2 Google rom: email app - doesn't store the accounts when setting up
  8. what is the model number? Does your phone use SIM card?
  9. another update: installed Nova on both ROMS and configured all the shortcuts but my Camera, Phone and Gallery shortcuts keep getting corrupted when I boot into the other ROM Also my contacts app in Touchwiz rom is crashing, dialer and log works fine though, any guesses?
  10. Seriously they were not there when I first booted up....after booting to touchwiz back from google rom...Ringtones are back....dont know how but sorry for the false alarm.... :wacko:
  11. 1st Observation (Minor) - No ringtones, only facebook pop tone and Hangout tones booting now Vanilla android.....booted successfully...wifi...Google account everything already setup...settings of Play store not same (who cares :P ) .... No SMS (which I guess you already know) Installed FB and booting back to touchwiz.....andddd Hurrahhh...FB is there in touchwiz too... More to come :) Sorry for all the updates....its just I am excited and want to let you know the status first :D PS: off topic: You removed that hyperlink in my signature? if so thanks for that...I don't know how it came and tried so much to remove that....
  12. Coming from a custom ROM...followed your instructions word to word and it just booted fresh and WIFI is also working :) will keep you posted on the progress after setup
  13. Hi All, are anyone looking into temproot for HOX?? i would like to not unlock the bootloader as i dont keep any phone for very long :P
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