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  1. Phone part switching to Phone_I8000XXJJ1.bin. I'd like to switch my SD installation to I8000XXJJ1. I tried the script renaming as from readme.txt without success. Then I tried a clean install and after the first boot, again the renaming: still not working. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems there is a problem in loadmod: the command that invokes the script at the beginning refers to a path (/storage) still unmounted at that stage; so the script /storage/cm_o2_update.sh is not launched. So I tried to modify loadmod moving the mounting of /storage on top: the script was executed (I got a /storage/cm_o2_update.txt and loadmod, dpram.ko and libsec-ril.so had been overwritten with the .wm versions) but still not working. Then, after a new clean install, I tried to launch the script manually and eventually to copy the files one by one. Always with no success. There must be something else... (maybe in /efs?) Any hint from the developers? Thank you in advance.
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