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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'm downloading dc22 now. Hopefully this flash works. I found a guy with a similar problem, that thread suggested a CF03.img that is refusing to flash. Hopefully dc22.bin works. Thanks for all of the help, you guys are awesome. Update: dc22.bin doesn't seem to want to flash either. UMDL detects my device just fine, but when after it detects it shows PDA Device Found! [Port : 1]EBoot version = 01.37 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PDA Device 1 ready to download! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PDA Device 1 ready to download! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PDA 1 starts downloading... Don't plug it out until the label becomes blue!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PDA will be written. ------------------------------- and refuses to flash. The frustration is setting in.
  2. I've tried the factory installer from the samsung website. 2 different ones, the new one released 4-10-2010, and the one released last year. Neither will recognize my device. Have any 3rd party recommendations? OH! yes! I did try flashing to CF03 using method 2 here but the CF03 .part links are down ;)
  3. I wish I could just wipe it back to the stock OS. But the factory i910 setup won't recognize my device anymore.
  4. Me, being a giant OS flashing newb, installed the wrong type of OS for my device. To make a long story short I installed i900 Here on my Verizon i910. The OS functions just fine, however I can't get any phone service. I've tried flashing to various i910 builds but always end up with the OCK build still on my phone. I'm hoping I didn't (even though functional) brick it. Can anyone help me? I'm hoping I'm not the first to do this.
  5. Well that flash didn't work. It seems to just keep reinstalling OCK's version. I would just hard reset but I can't without phone service ;)
  6. I am currently flashing directly over from your Premium to NuROMS's latest build. Hopefully this will solve my problem. However for some reason I think my problems have just begun lol.
  7. Well that would explain it. Looks like I jumped the gun a little bit. Thank you!
  8. Hello! This is my first flash and everything went like clockwork when flashing to your newest OS. However I have NO phone service whatsoever. I've looked around the forums and tried a few things like the operator workaround, but I don't have any operators listed in the connection settings. I thought perhaps I would have to reactivate the phone, but when I try to dial *611 (Verizon's activation line) it tells me the phone is off and asks me if I would like to turn it on. Can anyone help me? This is my only phone lol. Other than the no cellular service however, GREAT job. Runs great and installs easily.
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