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  1. I don't think this works over vnc server - attempting to root cuts the connection between phone and pc. Also, can anyone verify that this works on the 58mb update?
  2. They are indeed - magically started working again afterwards. So something in /system relates to how the phone communicates over usb
  3. Just wanted to echo the above - since updating (after a bit of difficulties in between) I have gone from no GPS to GPS within 15-30 seconds.
  4. You beaut! Thank you! I'd actually come to terms with shelling out another £60 - I'll raise a drink in your honour tonight pal!
  5. It doesn't need to be plugged in no - however as far as I can tell what is happening is that it's not recognsing that the driver is relevant to the phone, as it tries to download the driver when it's plugged in. I've looked in device manager when it's plugged in and the device coming up doesn't map to the relevant driver. I've uninstalled and browsed to the driver as installed from the intel site (1.1.5) but it doesn't connect. When I then unplug and re-plug, the same happens again. I wiped the cache and restored factory settings at some point in all this - since then have looked back many a time with regret at this decision :blink:
  6. I was afraid of that! I thought that but the phone always worked on my pc up until that point - and showed up on AIO tool etc - right up until the point that I deleted /system. I did try it on a different computer and the same thing happened. (up to this point it's worked on many different computers just plug & play) I'll try ccleaner but the fact it used to work makes me nervous. Could it be that when I deleted /system in some way I deleted the mechanism that the phone uses to connect over usb? One strange thing that happened on top of this was that on my main computer the USB driver itself went wrong after this and required a re-install. I'll try ccleaner and report back Thanks for your help by the way BMR, much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for that BMR Pretty bad news though - I now have a phone without a system folder or update.zip on the sd card, that won't connect over USB :wacko: I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver but am left each time I connect the phone with: (and of course the '-waiting for device-' in the AIO tool) My inclination would be to dig the internal sd out of wherever it's hidden in the phone and put a rom on it, but I can't see myself being able to find the bloody thing Any suggestions? my gps problem has got somewhat out of hand!
  8. Sort of relevant to this topic and I didn't want to start a new thread - how would I go about deleting the /system folder so as to get a completely clean install? This is following on from my posts in http://www.modaco.co...bad-gps-on-ics/ - since trying to fix my GPS I have run out of options - I've ended up re-flashing (xolo and orange ics) but still have the same problem - not locking on to any satellites. I'm now thinking I need to start from scratch. (Will this make any difference?) I assume I can't delete /system from Root Browser on the phone - so how would I go about doing this from my pc? Many thanks
  9. :( thanks BlueMoonRising I did try deleting it - no luck. Next step I guess is to try and find out what the app actually modifies. Oh dear edit: word to the wise - don't install Secure Settings on the OSD
  10. PC, Raspberry pi as xbmc media centre / network share... thinking about getting another one to see what else I can do with it
  11. Hello fellow San Diego users I've managed to thoroughly screw up the GPS on my rooted XOLO ICS-flashed san diego and having gone through the business of setting up the phone the exact way I wanted it a few months ago I'd like to try and fix this without re-flashing if someone would be able to lend a hand? GPS was fine up until I installed something called 'Secure Settings' - this is an add-on to Tasker that allows you to control the GPS switch automatically on ICS (yep, pressing the GPS button when I loaded Maps was just too much effort for me...) - anyway I suspect what this has done is mess up the gps.conf file as I now understand the San Diego GPS is set up differently to most phones. The result is that I now can't connect to GPS at all. I've tried to reverse the change via Secure Settings but it hasn't made any difference. My GPS.conf file is now as follows: START_MODE=16 TCXO_FREQUENCY=26000000 FIX_FREQ=1 NUM_OF_FIX=0 VERT_ACCURACY=240 HOR_ACCURACY=240 RESPONSE_TIME=240 IS_MSA=1 IS_MSB=1 IS_AUTO=1 IS_ECID=0 PREFERRED_METHOD=1 IS_COST=1 ACC_PRIORITY=0 AGNSS_IS_SECURE=1 SUPL_HOST=supl.google.com SUPL_PORT=7275 CERT_FILE_NAME=/etc/supl_google_com_cert.txt SLL_TEXT_LOG= SLL_RAW_LOG= AGPS_LOG= LOGGING_ON=0 SUPPORT_SUPL10=1 SUPPORT_SUPL20=0 I was wondering if someone would be able to post their working GPS.conf file so that I can change it back and avoid the hassle of re-flashing? (at least I *hope* it's just the GPS.conf file i've messed up!) Also now seems as good a time as any to thank everyone for the work they've been doing on this forum which has really improved the effectiveness of my phone!
  12. if you search for 'completed listings' you can see what they've been selling for... used generally go for £30-70, new for £90-150 :-o obviously a few serious pulse enthusiasts out there :lol:
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