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  1. One thing I noticed was that when I had the Messenger app from the Play Store it had the option to set it for SMS. Now with this patched version I don't see that in the settings. I'm using a Nexus 4 and besides that everything else is peachy.
  2. I just wanted to say thanks and that i updated from r16 to r17 with no major problems.
  3. Thanks, so it sounds like i need to cook a rom with the stock messaging client instead of the HTC client.
  4. I'm on T-Mobile in the US and am using the APN settings found here (Google Forums) and still no luck with mms. I get the message from the person and i have to download the file to view. The file says it 127 kb but then when i download and view it is only 6 kb and is the small thumbnail photo.
  5. Glad to know this isn't happening to just me. What about Handcent? anybody know if it receives the full image in MMS? guess i can re-install and find out.
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