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  1. martinpe

    HTC One X Review

    Very nicely illustrated and informative review! The first device from HTC I ever owned was the Flyer tablet, and what a disappointment that has been! Whilst reading this review, my Flyer-quenched HTC enthusiasm was steadily getting back onto the road to recovery until I read the "no microSD" & "Fixed battery" comments. Those are deal-breakers to me! Whilst converting my wife's HTC HD2 to Android, I had a bit of a glitch and I would have had major problems if I wasn't able to remove the battery! This is also a concern on my Flyer with its fixed battery. Judging from the public interest in the Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC are in for some tough times ahead!
  2. martinpe

    HTC announce first round of devices to get ICS upgrades

    Just don't make any purchases based on HTC "confirmations", as these carry no date/time commitments from their side. The HTC Flyer still hasn't received its promised Honeycomb upgrade more than six months after it's release! If you want an ICS device, buy it off the shelf pre-installed! HTC seems to have lost a bit of their "Touch" in this regard!

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