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  1. just a suggestion: can u make the exit button without the confirmation screen and the toggle off with the information popup off? it would be very fast then to switch on off conections. tnx if u'll do it.
  2. so no solutions? i'll use it only with opera then, disabling wifi when i finish. Thanks for replies
  3. i have a problem using wifi. In the battery option i choosed to not turn off the wi fi if the sistem is suspended, but now when the sistem goes in standby mode it just turn the backlight on till i shut down the wifi. Is there anything to get rid of this? my mobile is a samsung omnia sgh-i900 16g, windows mobile 6.1
  4. Hey today i solved an issue with my opera mobile 10. I couldn't connect to the net through wifi on my omnia i900. I did this to get wi fi working: I started opera mobile 10 in the address bar i put opera:config Then in the network section i unchecked autodetect network and Tadaaa, restarted opera and now is working with wifi. Hope it helps, i haven't find anithing on the net to solve this problem. byebye
  5. I don't know why, but after installing touchresponse, fonts on only that tab became violet (wtf?) :rolleyes: btw thanks...solved
  6. hey, i've a problem with the missed calls tab on my omnia. o have the carbon theme and the background is dark. The missed calls font color is blackand i cant read black on black. Is there any way to change the font color only in missed calls? ps : sorry of my english :)
  7. i did know about gety tv, but i don't expecially need it for youtube, btw thanks a lot for attahing it :) I'll try tcmp if it works
  8. is there an app to download flash videos from anywere on the net (sites like youtube) directly on the ppc? (i have samsung omnia)
  9. thank you very much, this app does perfectly what i want
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