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  1. cooked a G2 rom last night everything successfully cooked when I go to flash i GET THIS ERROR E:Can't find BOOT E:Failure at line 83: write_raw_image PACKAGE:boot.img BOOT: Installation aborted. Paul tweeted about this exact issue last night so I'm hoping he has the answer now So I'm hoping you get to read this paul because I need your input please. or if anyone else can tell me what to do to fix this error i'm all ears
  2. One thing I'd like to mention is that after rooted the phone runs really choppy and takes literally twice as long to do anything. I don't mind just rooting to use my wifi tethering though and then rebooting after for now. is anyone else experiencing the choppiness? It's not Paul's app at all because the original temp root method did the same thing to my phone edit: I uninstalled this task manager that I had and that seemed to have made a difference. running smoothly now.
  3. Awesome Little App Paul I knew you would come through with something first well you atleast made the temp root method alot easier I'm sure we can expect a full root from you soon. I had the same issues getting it to work as well. I'm not exactly sure how i fixed it but it's working great busybox and all I'm actually using the wifi tether app on my g2 right now connected to my netbook to write this post super fast loving the 4g here in irvine,ca over 7000 mbps once again thanks paul you never let us down
  4. You guys are still crying about the desire. Lol Get on the froyo. Don't be scared of something new. You'll be ok I promise.
  5. N1 obsolete lol Its googles pride and joy And will get updates before droid x or anything else as always N1 is the phone to have if you are a die hard android fan. No regrets here and no wishing I had an evo our desire. Maybe next year there will be something better. Just like I stuck with my g1 til the nexus came out I'll stick with my nexus til the next big google phone comes out. I will only buy htc phones my buddy has a droid and I bought a cliq for my daughter both rooted with all the best available firmware and they are imo shitty phones especially the cliq I've dropped my g1 so many times as well as my n1 and neither have broke on me. I'm talking big drops sliding under my car, dropping off my lap into concrete when I get out like an idiot and stuff like that. Htc all the way!
  6. The swype beta is back open with a new version. I signed up and am using it on my nexus as we speak. Hurry before it closes again if you want it Use the same link from above
  7. R16 still running strong You need to wipe Everything with amon ras recovery All cache and the system and then install and Everything should work properly. I've been back and forth between r16 And cyanogens test 5 And only had problems when I didn't do a full wipe. After wiping Everything works as it should once again thanks Paul. And I'm sorry about all the whiners in the other threads worried about old roms. I'm satisfied and really enjoy your work.
  8. Honestly you guys there are alot of phones and alot of different things for Paul to work on How Much do you expect him to do seriously. all of the kitchens for all the phones working on custom firmware on all these phones nobody should blame him for giving his attention to the new stuff come on guys it's the future why do you want to be stuck in the past I loved the desire rom but after using Froyo it would be like going back to Donut It just gets better and better and you guys should wait for a 2.2 sense rom to come out. Or Get a Desire The nexus One is about the latest and Greatest of Android. IMO it sounds like some of you need to trade for a desire or evo I'm all for moving ahead you guys should really get out there and try something new. Those few widgets and the clock are nice but honestly thats all that sense is Froyo is a whole new world and you guys just need to wait for everyone else to catch up your apps will eventually work and all your games and what not. it's not the firmware or anything else. it's the app developers and Real Flash on the phone is awesome and it works great. not like the desire "FLASH" which people are stating is comparable (not by a long shot) I've been running froyo since the day it came out and am completely satisfied. Bluetooth voice commands, auto brightness, flash, installing apk's from email, integrated tethering. thats just a begining. Too Many Things To List im finding out new stuff everyday. Just Stop crying everyone and move on. It's so lame to see the threads about "did paul forget about the desire port' and this and that and the posts where people are basically talking trash on him not doing anything flooding with all this +1 crap PLEASE GROW UP KIDS Enjoy Your Nexus We Have The Best Of GOOGLE Don't Let it Go To Waste
  9. wrxtc714

    iPhone 4

    I wouldn't trade my nexus for the new iPhone just as others suggest really nothing impressive I'm using froyo and I dare the iPhone to please me more. froyo is amazing and I started out with a g1 pre cupcake and no market and I still chose that over my iPhone 3g at the time. And for the record I've dropped my nexus dozens of times. On concrete. Sliding under my car falling in-between my seats hitting metal. It's still running strong. Just like all the abuse my g1 took. ill never buy another phone except an HTC phone again.
  10. Have you guys not tried adw launcher?
  11. Ya I love the feature but its a real pita versus WiFi tether. I would love to see a widget to toggle the WiFi hotspot that would definitely make it easier to use. or even a shortcut to the settings for it. I'm sure someone will come up with something soon. I'll keep searching the market.
  12. The built in froyo apps2sd works fine I don't know why anyone needs another way.
  13. two big words. "FLASH VIDEO" Maybe you guys didn't get froyo working properly. But the apps2sd Bluetooth dialing. Increased overall speed Better battery life. Nicer market. 2.2 isn't 2.1 for a reason lol. Because its better. Don't be scared of the future guys. I will admit I was using sense and prefered it over anything else until froyo came out there are just too many good things about it. Ill never go back unless 2.2 sense is just as good. Then I might prefer htc sense 2.2 over Google 2.2
  14. Any updates will be updated here as well. there are no issues that I see with this release and if there is a official one like you say then even better. What is the point of waiting. flash now and flash again later. No big deal.
  15. You are right. My mistake. I should have thought about That So I am at 3megabits per second donwnload And around 2 megabits per second up Wouldn't 1000kbps equal 1mbps though. It actually says 3445kbps on the speedtest app
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