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  1. it does specify read again the one on linked to on this page is for non rooted phones its an official ota file pauls rom is set up for root users
  2. Awesome Paul i'm done with the desire rom froyo is the best yet and i have issues with some apps as well you guys need to realize that the 2.2 sdk is still new and there are very few of us actually using it pretty much all of us here on this thread the apps need to be ported to 2.2 so it will take some patience i for 1 am willing to wait and stay with froyo again thanks paul ill be waiting for your froyo kitchen
  3. Why can't you just reinstall your apps I don't understand why this is such a big deal for you. I flash different Roms all the time and just reinstall my n1 torch and other apps. What you need is a good app manager to make it simple for you I can't believe you sound so helpless. You can figure this stuff out I'm sure. It's a no brainer quote name='FrustratedOne' date='May 20 2010, 09:07' post='1281552'] But if I just went ahead and installed Froyo right now (I assume it auto-uninstalls CM), what would I lose?
  4. Hello. I just wanted to add my experience I bought my nexus the day it came out Within an hour of receiving it I. Rooted it and unlocked the bootloader After using the phone for a couple days I noticed it did not vibrate at all. This was a big issue for me. So I have been patiently waiting for the passing file to become available To relock it and send it back because HTC refused to help me under warranty. I don't think I'm wrong for second for wanting to do this. I feel cheated by HTC For a problem that has nothing to do with unlocking the bootloader whatsoever Apps like handset are non root apps that can mess with the vibrate and I could understand Making it fail prematurely but again that has nothing to do with an unlocked bootloader The people on here saying it is wrong are definitely hard headed. There are legitimate reasons for wanting to do this. I'm sure some smart ass will say I should have inspected it first or something. I just didn't think id have a silly problem like that with My $600 phone Mostly because my g1 was a beast that thing would never break no matter what I did. So I didn't think twice about HTC quality. Please someone tell me I'm wrong . I dare you.
  5. Installed from market today. I know its still beta but I don't see anything special about this launcher and I'm not impressed in any way Helix is the best aftermarket launcher IMO. Rosie is the best stock launcher. Unfortunately it keeps force closing with the r22 rom so I will be using helix til it Is working properly
  6. More than one person are having the same issue. Obviously there is a problem and the ext3 works fine. Your quote said it should be the same but unfortunately it isn't. I'm basing what I said off facts. Because I have tried both. Don't try to outsmart me silly kid. Android since day 1 with my g1 noob lol
  7. Why don't you guys reread instead of posting nonsense. Paul clearly says it works with ext3. He does not mention using ext4 at this time stop complaining and read first Cyanogen apps2sd setup is awesome. Being able to easily move apps from SD to internal with one click I hope there is a way to do that with the desire rom too
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