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  1. Perfect rom so far. Battery, speed, bluetooth, mms and so on. Just zero trouble. Too bad cm9 (or 4.0.0) wont allow you to reply to sms directly from notification screen. Can that be enabled here somehow?
  2. I like this latest build a lot. Fast and functional. But, unfortunately I had 2 random reboots in 3 days. Good thing it reboots fast. :)
  3. I came back to cm7 due to Bluetooth issues and audio routing problems in cm10 but I think those problems are solved so I might give it another go.
  4. Hi, are the audio routing issues in Viber solved in the latest release? Thanks
  5. Strange... I can send but I can't receive any mms. Edit: It seems I do receive them but only with wifi on. I have the latest build with the mms fix. Strange indeed.
  6. Yap. I manage to get it working. I need to have mobile data active too. It wasn't like that with KonstaTs 4.1.2. Now I am trying to figure out what it is thats not letting the phone go into deep sleep. This rom is fast. Im using Apex launcher and it smooth. Thanks.
  7. My digitizer arrived today and it's already working on my phone. It's not hard but it gave me a few cold sweats. Some words of advise: 1 - Be careful when disconnecting the cables. LCD and digitizer are the hardest to figure out, but once you know what to do is easy. You need to unlock them clicking the little locks up. 2 - No need to take off the camera. 3 - No need to remove the keyboard.
  8. Thanks for the reply Ock. Can someone please tell me if I can flash directly this ROM with grand prix? I now have PDA i900XCHK1/BBHK1 and Phone: i900BBHK2. Thanks a million
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