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  1. Hey all, I figured this would be another good place attract attention to our hunt for a dev to root our phone. Someone had mentioned Paul from here in regards to rooting so please join in the post and hopefully we can get the phone rooted asap. People have also been suggesting buying a phone for the dev with the bounty now... As I see it unless a proven chef posts on a thread this is a requirement I would be hesitant. But, if Paul or some other dev does ask for this I am willing to help with this. I dont know too much about paypal but I know its easy to get an X10 at any store in Ottawa, Canada and shipping would probably be cheaper within North America). And I did see Paul saying he likes the white one (thats what I got and it shouldnt be a problem to get another one from rogers). I will pm him to join in the thread, got my fingers crossed ;). The xda link for the root bounty thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=651336 Oh and I don't think there's a need to repost your donation amounts, just a nod of support. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please post them.
  2. If you get an x10i from europe it will be compatible with tmobile. If you get an x10a from canada it will work with att. But theres buzz att will release the phone sometime...
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