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  1. I´ve just applied this "fix", and applications like FB, Instagram, TW, browser are noticable faster. UI performance seems to be OK (first time i noticed that the UI is slower, but this fix caused by the Gallery thumbs were refreshed on background (cca 1000 photos slowing down phone for about 10 minutes and causing lags)...
  2. Nop, it´s related to digitizer, huawei used cheap one in our G300, cause if price of the device..But 2 touches it 99pct enough for regular use and gaming ;)
  3. No, 7227A has default recommended freq. 0,8-1 Ghz, it depens on manufacturer what freq. will use the device..Now, we have max. OC 1,23-1,3 Ghz, cause of default voltage table, when we will be able to change it, we can reach 1,5 Ghz, maybe more ;)
  4. Strange, On Omegamoon kernel, I can get rock stable 1,26ghz, with geno I had reboot, only stable is 1,22ghz :/
  5. B934, just flash is not working, preview, taking photo is OK...How we can get type number of photo sensor?
  6. Nice work :) Also battery circle mod for 927 is working on 934 ;)
  7. I´m running B926, when i turned on 2D GPU acceleration in develop. options, i can see noticable increase of 2D performance ( from 250 pts to 650 pts.) in Quadrant benchmark (2D section in Advanced version)...and i can´t see any kind of lags through the system ;).
  8. Strange problem happened to me... :/ Maybe should help somebody.. I upgraded to 926, than I unlocked bootloader and installed CWM, everything was Ok, but I tried do set lower DPI (220, as i have on 2.3 ROMs), after reboot, phone was stucked on boot logo, wipe didn´t solve it (cache, dalvik cache, factory reset,...). I didn´t do nandroid, so I was looking for SD download mode to reflash B926 rom from dload/update.app, but i didn´t fint anything :/ Only one chance was the last combination of keys, but it works fine :) So, SD download mode is - VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN + POWER BUTTON ;) Now, I´m booting again ;)
  9. Nice !! Anyway, could you make AOSP version with google apps flashable over official ICS ? :)
  10. How about Gtalk, is it functional in last update? And how about a camera, it there any chance that it will be fixed soon? :)
  11. ok, anyway, thanks for your work, nice to see another CM9 for our G300 :)
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