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  1. bump! anyone here who has a CSC_B7610NXTCIL4? please?
  2. hi daskalos...could you include a XTCIL4 csc with this one please? would really appreaciate it. thanks!
  3. procedure http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-ii-gsm-rom-discussion/291575/omnia-ii-i8000-flashing-rom-procedure/ rom http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-pro-b7610-modaco-com/306975/official-b7610nxxjc2-rom-available/
  4. Full touchscreen phones are cool but not on every situation. Having a keyboard is still handy. I find it real hard to type fast and equally accurate on a touchscreen phone that's why I switched from Omnia 1 to B7610. It almost has everything input wise (touchscreen, keyboard +stylus). Can't ask for anything more at the moment. :huh:
  5. almost! :P pa-help naman sir. :blink:
  6. yeah, same here. thanks in advance.
  7. have it protected with Invisible Shield. :huh: I think I only use the stylus for arranging widgets...
  8. oo. nasubukan ko na yun. nabura lahat pati contacts. may csc kana?
  9. Ok sana yung XEUIL4 na ginagamit ko kaso may nage-error minsan sa kin e. SSContacts.exe ata yun. Di ako sigurado. Salamat in advance xbongx.
  10. did the same mistake. :P boyong, penge ng csc na pang pinas kung meron ka. salamat. :huh:
  11. engot kase ako ser e. na-flash ko yung CSC ng orig JC2 rom. nawindang yung keyboard layout ko. anong CSC ba gamit mo? baka pwede makahingi. thanks.
  12. I can't find the exact csc for my country, but I'm wondering if CSC_B7610JXIJ4 would work properly? I'm not sure what the "JX" stands for. Thanks
  13. Hi there...I would like to ask what is the CSC code for Philippines(if not, the nearest compatible one) for B7610 and where can I get one? Been searching for hours end with no luck. :P Thank you so much in advance. :huh:
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