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  1. I wasn't trying to be rude, I totally understand if Paul can't devote 100% of his time to the project, his last update was over 3 weeks ago, it would just be nice to know if something is coming. I apologize if that post offended anyone in any way. Y2J
  2. Any word on Beta 14? There are still bugs that I am seeing on my end. Weather automatic syncing not being enabled when going to GPe and bag to sense, getting random HTC Backup errors in GPe. I appreciate your efforts Paul.
  3. Can someone give me a heads up on what the latest radio firmware is for the One. I can't seem to find any concrete info searching the forums, I have an AT&T One w/ S-Off & Beta 13, but I am pretty sure it is still running the stock AT&T radio firmware. I would have to believe there is a newer one, and with the generic LTE rather than the AT&T 4G/LTE logo. Thanks, Y2J
  4. Any update on where we are at on development of this ROM? Any new beta's in the future? Also, are you going to include the latest GPe ROM soon? I'm running beta 13 and I keep getting notifications to install an update it has downloaded automatically, which I have been manually cancelling as I don't want to brick my device. Thanks, Y2J
  5. I got my MMS issue on AT&T corrected. All I had to do was clear data/cache from the messaging app. I haven't tried to switch to Sense and then back, but I will and let you know if it still works.
  6. I also have to re-enable scheduled sync under weather every time I switch to GPE and back...
  7. I just tried this minus the ad-away stuff and it doesn't work to fix MMS on AT&T. Y2J
  8. So is MMS in GPE working yet for AT&T with Switch Beta 12?
  9. Any idea what might be causing it not to work properly? Thanks!
  10. Is Paul alive? Just checking... Great work on the ROM this far!
  11. Has anyone got MMS working on AT&T with Beta 10 in GPE? I can send picture messages fine in sense, but can't send them from GPE. I know some others had this issue, was it ever resolved? Y2J
  12. It appears to be working again. Didn't wipe, just flashed beta 1 and 8 and root. I will let you know if I lose it again... Thanks for the help.
  13. I am S-Off. I was using ARHD 12.1 before flashing Modaco switch...Never flashed any alternate kernels or h-boots unless Modaco Switch Beta 1-8 installed something. Any other suggestions? I appreciate the help! Y2J
  14. I've checked and it wasn't enabled. For the heck of it, I enabled it, powered off, powered back on, and then disabled it again and rebooted and then tried switch and it still doesn't work.
  15. For some reason I am unable to boot back into Google Play Edition...I haven't changed anything since I re-flashed everything per the guide via TWRP. I initially was able to boot into Sense, then I used switch to boot into Google Play Edition, setup my accounts and went back to sense. This was last week. Today I tried to switch back and I can no longer get into Google Play Edition. Any ideas on why this is? It just reboots to Sense each time.
  16. Will this erase my internal SD card or should I back it up first?
  17. I just want to make sure I can flash the stock Telstra firmware back onto the device if I need to using the RUU. So if I update to mcr r2 or r3, it won't upgrade the bootloader and I should be able to go back to the stock Telstra branded version by using a goldcard and HTC RUU file? The Telstra RUU is 1.15.841.14.
  18. What is the base for r2? 1.15.405.4? Will it upgrade the HBOOT? I currently am using r1 and have HBOOT 0.75 and want to know if r2 upgrades you to HBOOT 0.80 and what software the base is, because I want to stay at 1.15.405.4 and HBOOT 0.75 so I can go back to stock if I need to. Thanks.
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