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  1. To update, although I'd already done it previously (and it hadn't made much difference), clearing the cache reduced the redraw waiting time dramatically. To clarify, I'm just using the stock launcher.
  2. Perhaps this has already been mentioned and is buried in a thread somewhere, but screen redraw (say after exiting an app and returning to Home) is ridiculously slow, usually a minimum of 5s. Has no-one else experienced this?
  3. FWIW, after switching to external SD storage in options, B926 gave me 1823.
  4. After upgrading, I'm very puzzled by these benchmarks: ICS 4.0.3 (B926): 1482 Gbrd B888: 2112 Am I missing something obvious here?
  5. Anyone encountered this before? Note that it's Android 2.2, stock ROM.
  6. On a related note, are there any apps that are able to stream high quality video *and audio* live online? I've used Justin TV and Ustream apps in the past (on my Desire), but there were no options to adjust the audio quality (so it was dire).
  7. The problem is the CODEC used for the audio during video recording, rather than the quality of the microphone itself, which is acceptable when using audio recording apps. This was also a problem on my previous phone (HTC Desire) and no-one managed it on that.
  8. As with my previous phone, the audio quality is dire when recording videos, which makes it pretty useless for my purposes. Any apps out there that offer anything better than stock, or is it a case of being saddled with a low quality audio CODEC and it can't be improved upon?
  9. > So is it switched off now and there is no longer a reverb? Yes. I've heard of DTS in connection with surround sound on DVDs but can't quite see the point of it here. Sounds to me like sounds in the centre of the stereo mix get the reverb, whereas those outside don't (or have a lower level of reverb). > It's enabled by default in B888. Thanks for confirming that, perhaps Paul would like to correct it in his versions.
  10. Thanks for the reply, yes it does. Can't say I'd even heard of this 'feature' and have no recollection of enabling it.
  11. Using both the built-in player and MixZing, there's now a pronounced reverb effect during music playback, which can't be disabled. I haven't altered audio settings since I changed ROM and am not using any EQ software beyond what's available in MixZing (no reverb there). Anyone else have this problem or have I missed something obvious?
  12. Answering my own question here, in case anyone finds it of use. After two weeks, they couldn't fix the problem, so sent a 'reconditioned' model (unknown if it was ever diagnosed as faulty, but not new) as a replacement. This has a guarantee period (from Carphone Warehouse) of 3 months. After having it for a few days, it would seem this replacement is also faulty, as it keeps switching on by itself :angry:
  13. Thanks, the name is of course wpa_supplicant.conf The compatibility problem may be the initial text in the file - the Huawei info and serial number is given in their version.
  14. Restored using Titanium, I assumed this was just a Gingerbread system file, but since applying it, I cannot start Wifi. Searching around I assume I have to delete the dhcp_list file to clear this problem? If so, where is this located?
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