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  1. Hi Daskalos, I must say... this is really great... first time to flashed Sense Rom... and this is so great.... Hence, hope you can help me with the following: 1. Where can i find the cab for HD2 Youtube? 2. Cab for volume control. Thanks
  2. Hi Daskalos, Thanks for this wonderful ROM . I've been waiting this for a long time... However, i hope you can help me to fix the small bug that I encountered. I hope you can FIX the SMS setting of this ROM. The Menu for the SMS is always hangup. I felt sorry for your B7610. I hope you will not leave the thread because of what happened to your unit....... Thanks for everything....... Thanks
  3. Thanks for the link... However, the said cab did not resolve the problem.... Hi Daskalos, Any solution please. Thanks
  4. Can't wait any longer to try this ROM..... Finally the long wait for GA Rom will be over........
  5. Hi Daskalos, I have no wifi problem with full ROM, except for the battery life.
  6. Welcome Back Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you.......
  7. @ Daskalos & indivx, Both of you guys were really great in sharing your knowledge with others specially to the newbies like us. So please, lets forget about what happened and continue with your endeavor. Remember: "God gave us two gifts; one is choice, the other... chance. The choice of a good life and the chance to make it the best." Take care & God Bless!!!!! Peace everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi Daskalos, Is this the update of your GA Rom? thanks
  9. Hi daskalos, Still hoping for an update with this wonderful ROM...... thanks
  10. Hi Guys, Is this working with Samsung B7610? How? God Bless.
  11. Downloading............. Thanks Daskalos.... really like to test your unreleased version of GA ROM... God Bless!!!!!!!
  12. Bro, I really like the GOLD finishing of this ROM. Maybe Daskalos can cook the Hybrid Rom w/ Gold touch. Thanks
  13. Hi daskalos, How about the GA ROM do you have any update? thanks
  14. Anyone, Please post updated Samsung Apps for this ROM. Thanks
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