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  1. [reflashed with rom manager still no joy how do i totally wipe mem card including ext3 to start again maybe thats causing a prob
  2. getting a high pitched squeal when using the camcorder then it reboots also have had apps2sd installed before not picking nothing up from sd anyone any ideas
  3. same here aborted using clockworkmod bluetooth prob
  4. can iuse fake-flash to install this from sd
  5. so do we wait for paul rooted or use this one whats the difference
  6. http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...online-kitchen/ guess this is the way how do i push the files to the desire
  7. i wished lol no i rooted originally but not to the newer upgrade. would like to upgrade keeping all data apps2sd before waiting for froyo to be rooted
  8. thought 1.21.405 was rooted yoyr saying its not
  9. what the easiest way to update to 1.21.405 keeping my root and keeping all my data including apps2sd
  10. just a bit of info for anyone who may come across problems in the future. If you cannot connect over wifi put your phones ip into the DMZ of your router Worked a treat for me
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