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  1. Anyone able to port this to our pulse? Is it possible? Mozilla have desined this phone OS specifically for older hardware, its entirely based on HTML5 including the apps and phone dialer etc. The core app processes are run on the web server, meaning it does not require much CPU/Memory to run. I am sure our pulses would be perfect for this if anyone is able to give it a go. Its more open and flexible than android too. It will be quick for apps to get perted as many developers are already switching to HTML5 apps. They plan to release the first cheap phones in 2013. I didn't think there was much room for another phone OS but this seems like a winner. It will resurect a lot of old hardware, and provide low end, cheap phones , prticularly for developing countries but with all the power of the latest smartphone. There will be no need for upgrades and app developers will be keen as it will mean not having to port apps to each platform and updates will be seen instantly . (HTML5 apps can run on any browser, it means these apps will also be able to run in firefox brower on android too (though this will require a higher spec phone since it will still need to load the android OS up first!) The simulator looks impressive: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/11/who-wants-a-firefox-phone-take-a-visual-trip-through-firefoxs-mobile-os/ I think the problem is hardware drivers. But if it uses the same as androids it may just work for us. The majority of current apps in android just don't work, too slow or can't be installed on our pulse. This OS may give it a reboot by using HTML5 apps and a thin operating system. Any thoughts?
  2. anyone tried this rom. Is it faster than other roms??
  3. Yes, I think its worth trying, adreno 200 is recomended but not minimum. Minimum is Arm6 like ours, 256 min ram is a concern but our 190ram is not much less (and an odd number for most phones). I think froyo and gingerbread also run slow anyway, I think this should still be an improvement to those as it should (in theory) use less resources and ram than stock android (no apps will be running except gecko (offline) apps.). I imagione its similar to using Onlive which also works really well on underpowered phones. Even remote desktop works fairly well on pulse, bearing in mind it still has message and other apps running in background too. Unfortunately I have no idea how to port this to pulse so just pure speculation, hoping someone might fancy a try. ;)
  4. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/b2g/ I've just been reading about this project and thought this would be a perfect OS for our pulses. As the OS is rendered over the web its designed to work on low powered devices. It uses android linux kernal to boot and a thin linux kernal to access the hardware, all software is run fia Mozillas Gecko (HTML5 render/ browser) so the core processing is done online not on the phone (low processor/ memory requirements). Are any developers here able to take on the challenge ? Is it possible? The whole thing is open source so provided we can get the drivers to talk (which should be possible as uses android drivers) then why not? a review here: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/software/operating-systems/boot-to-gecko-1081840/review
  5. Thanks TWrock. That is useful advise. May try the barebones thing. The only reason I wanted Gingerbread is that some apps aren't available for lower versions of android. Or at least they don't appear to be in Market. This could be to do with the phones fingerprint file but I never worked out a way to trick market to assume my phone is better than it is (if an app doesn't work I don't care, I can just delete it, but I'd like the option to try it) I've managed to install 'incompatible apps' by manually downloading from erm.. helpful sites. Google market is very restrictive on this, its very annoying not to at least have the option to just install anyway (it could still warn first, very few apps would break phone functionality). For example I would like to install cupcake dash. Its a fairly basic toddlers game, no fancy graphics, may run a little slow. Anyway,do you know if there a way to trick market to think my phone is say a galaxy s2? then i can use froyo rom.
  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone here knows of or could strip down a ROM for basic internet/app usage. I recently upgraded my phone to a glaxy I am after a minimal gingerbread rom for my pulse so my kids can play with it. I just want a ROM that has wifi and allows me to install Google Play apps/games only. I do not require 3g/phone/messaging/camera or any other services that arn't vital for the rom to install games. Overclock and HW acceleration would be good (so I guess CM based?). If anyone is able to do this I would be so grateful. Currently the CM6.1 rom I use is just to slow and buggy. I figured if I could get a ROM without all the unused bits it would be faster/have more memory available? Would it help? Is this even possible? Would anyone else find this useful? I still think theres life in my pulse yet.
  7. Does hardware acceleration in ICS make UI faster than gingerbread at the moment on pulse? like on ZTE blade?
  8. Anyone know where I can get the TRE2.1 update? Do I need to use ADB for that? thx
  9. Great stuff! Before I install , can anyone say how this ROM compares speed wise to other CM6.1 froyo roms?
  10. I was just looking at this article http://arstechnica.com/business/news/2011/09/samsung-boosts-vmware-plan-to-virtualize-android-phones-tablets.ars and it gave me an idea. I see no reason why we can't use our pulses to run a virtualised instance of Android (the latest version) using software similar to this. It already works with Virtualbox/VNC/RDP clients from android market on the pulse. They work pretty well, only desktop OS's interfaces don't work so well with touch screen. I have used Onlive on my android and it works pretty well too, its a similar idea. It requires little processing power/memory as its basically streaming video. What I'd like to do is create a virtualbox style android os running on my main PC and remotely use it from my pulse over wifi (or even 3g/4g possibly when that gets faster). That way My old pulse can be used as if it were as powerful as my PC. I can't see samsung/vmware willing to allow us to do this as it would decrease their sales but just wondered if the OS community might have some interest in this? I think its worth holding out for before I give my pulse away.
  11. Wow thats incredible work!! Been looking at this site for years ...and I foolishly just gone and bought me a Galaxy S2 for xmas. It will never match the love I had for my pulse. And for the record the pulse has 2 things better than the S2 1) the jog ball (I cannot tell you how much easier it is to edit text with that than having to use fat fingers, I really really miss it) 2) The cover over the USB port. Very few phones have this now but why? get anything stuck in there, damage the pins, and the rest of the phone has to be thrown away, its the most important bit. Will be testing this ROM over the weekend. The pulse is dead. Long live the pulse.!!
  12. Wow pier11! Thats fantastic. Particularly, the reclaimed memory is a real useful improvement over previous kernel, especially on this very very low mem phone 21 mb is quite a lot!. Would it be possible for anyone to create a new cm7 rom from this yet? That would be amazing!
  13. OK I just get this!!!! I assume you must have been replying to my earlier post about market not working , I think that's why TWRock got confused. I just tried this and that fixed it perfectly!!! Something not right with fingerprint. Also I am guessing from your name you are from UK which might be why TWrock not seen it? Thanks both of you anyway. This has made my day! :))
  14. Thanks all for help, Twrock, I have official UK update , and did full wipe data/system (except SD storage) . I am thinking it might be a location issue. I am in UK not Taiwan. I remember reading something about Fingerprint files a while ago, anyone know what they are and if I can change them? It worked fine on the old market app on CM6.1 Is anyone from UK able to verify if this problem occurs? Really dont want to have to change rom again, this is by far the cleanest/ fastest ROM ive used. :(
  15. On the market app included with this ROM I keep getting 'not compatible with this device' with nearly every app I try and install. The same occurs with the desktop/web version of market. Anyone else having this issue or know a fix. ? Any help would be most appreciated. I love this ROM its fast but this is killing it for me. If all the users on here have the same phone then wouldn't it be the same for everyone? Thanks
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