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  1. Done and done! Looking forward to seeing the results!
  2. It could be a difference in the calibration settings as well. I've been running with this as well. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=745248
  3. a small bit, but I think it's primarily the sense wallpaper as well. It's just flashier....
  4. I got the no add sub here due to the kitchens, but just for the roms, forget it.
  5. sweet! The closer to this, the closer to a source release, the closer to a working mod for the n1. (can't tell I miss my sense ui right?) Excellent!
  6. Other than a core set if files, when Paul its working on the desire rom he's working on the n1. That's why he merged the projects. I'm sure he remembers we're here and hasn't forgotten us. :(
  7. Man, have I missed my sense.... I am contemplating swapping back to my senseless froyo (pun intended) since wifi isn't working for me and I use it to tether to my iphone I'm using as an iPod... (there's a few games I play on it that I can't play on my n1. Sorry guys :angry: )
  8. Could also be something in the bootloader zip. We may have to take a look at other bootloaders to see if it's in the bootloader info file.
  9. Sweet! I certainly thank you for your find and pour my appropriate libation to the Android gods (one for Paul, one for cyanogen,.... Ect). :)
  10. Thanks for the hard work on this. It'll help when the galaxy s is released in the us. I'm looking forward to getting it to supplement my n1
  11. Holy cripes! I love that bootloader! If there is ANY way you could dump that for us it would be appreciated. Thanks for the look at history. :lol: Could possibly use adb and pull the bootloader. Nm, helps if I read..... :D
  12. bedwa

    FRF72 vs FRF50?

    Thanks, I've been looking around for that answer and wasn't finding it.
  13. I'm as eagerly awaiting the desire release so that our good friend paul can cook up the nexus/desire 2.2 sense rom. Since I do have an n1 and have jumped to froyo as soon as the leak arrived, I have noticed an increased urgency with flash updates. There have been 3 since the frf50 leak and I personally think that froyo is almost complete on multiple devices, it could be just adobe working out the kinks on their end...... Just my hunch.
  14. I would say at this pt, the new radio issue probably affects both cm roms and froyo. I'm sure Paul knows that beer than I but I at least wanted to put that out there for others who may not have thought of it.
  15. bedwa

    iPhone 4

    Hehe..... I used to have an iPhone 3gs. Sold it and got my N1. Now I do keep a spare iPhone that I'm tinkering with (3g) to play a few apps through my wireless tether, but in comparison the iPhone 4 does not thrill me. The increased pixels don't thrill me, the "face time," hah! It's been in Europe with front facing cameras for years (my wife's Nokia E75 has a front facing VGA.), gyroscope is meh due to me having a compass app that registers pitch and roll. The N1's been hacked for 720p and if I really need to edit a video on the go I'll use a flash online editor since I have Froyo. iPhone? Meh, you have nothing for me..... (Though I plan to sell my spare 3g to get the next Gen iPod touch which if Apple continues being sensible will use the "retina display" on. :) )
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