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  1. aye, pretty much correct.. Cyanogen Mod based of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) MoDaCo based off offical manufacter source GR4 is stable (MCR custom kernels however I've found buggy, so stick with stock kernel in kitchen) not used CM7 in a while Modaco twist of CM7; it's CM7 source with Paul's Modaco tweaks (there's a seperate thread for it in this forum) Good luck!
  2. LG have released the 10e kernel source, that's why there's an alpha MoDaCo custom kernel. Check out Imperticus' Neoblaze thread on XDA if you want a custom kernel with O/C Paul said in post #4608 in this thread he's still going to work on the o2x. Check his twitter, he's been bombarded with new devices, and has also been busy bringing some old(er) handsets up to date (i.e nexxus s) I suspect an FR20 with OC/UV won't be that far away...
  3. If you're posting this on XDA, chances are that most people have already rooted. That being the case, stock kernels support UNDERCLOCKING by default (don't they?) - which is how you save battery; not by overclocking (in which case, yes you'd need a kernel that supports it) Fair point with juice defender, I personally think it makes a difference.
  4. Did you update your baseband? If so, which one did you use? There's a gingerbread and a non-gingerbread version of the 0622 baseband. Ensure you update with the corresponding one. If you didn't - I'd strongly advise to do so. Also - you may want to check which channel your router is outputting on, I had my wifi dropping on some of the high-end channels.
  5. Hmm, debatable.. we've generally been ok flashing over the top of the previous version.. but FR20 is likely to be an ext4 based ROM, so it's quite possible that a wipe and reflash will be required. Sometimes it's unavoidable - but Paul does make a concious effort to ensure that's not the case.
  6. MoDaCo will not update your baseband. Yep, you'll have to do it via the flashing tool. Takes about 3minutes in total to update your baseband. Yes - Clockwork recovery will still be there
  7. If you want to O/C then use this kernel by Imperticus http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1200726
  8. just noticed your thread, don't know if you wanted to add the two apps below? - Using SetCPU (or similar) to set profiles is another good way of conserving battery. - JuiceDefender
  9. This is a 2.2.2 ROM. This is in my opinion the most stable ROM there is out there. Battery is what you'd expect from a phone of these specs, a daily, overnight charge is still required with heavy use. Yes, the LG stock ROM is poor. I certainly would have sold my handset a long time ago if I was forced to stick with the stock ROM. CM7 vs FR19: all a matter of personal preference. CM7 has richer features, but is less stable (just check out the 'issues thread' over on xda for the optimus2x) Try them both! ... Flash one, make a nandoid, flash the other, make a nandroid. Switch between the two and perform like-for-like comparions. P.S - remember that MoDaCo GR2 is still in the pipeline if you're after a Gingerbread experience
  10. Morning. The ones that are ticked in the kitchen come pre-installed. Try downloading the default kitchen setup first and flash it. See if you like it, if not then pick and choose what you want in the kitchen. Baseband 0405 - yes, it will work. The RIL that comes bundled with this ROM is dated 0622, so it supports more than your baseband does... much l ike having a ferarri, but capping the max speed to 90mph :-/
  11. Responded to your thread on xda
  12. 1.7.29 with English Pack is out http://miuiandroid.c...velopment-roms/ e: from XDA
  13. @Paul - is there any way you could make a flashable ZIP for those who just want to update their FR19 with the custom kernel? Or will this break due to the whole ext3/ext4 stuff?
  14. QFT Any FR19 based ROM will get the best out of your o2x; in terms of performance and stability.
  15. OK... from what I can gather..and please, anyone feel free to correct me... (it's quite confusing as there's CM7 version number, official MIUI version number, fansites' version numbers and handset port version numbers..) MIUI 1.X.YY - Chinese 'Base' Dev ROM (where X = month, YY = day) built from CM7 nightly (??) Celebration HD - German / English Alpha with iphone theme, built from the chinese 1.X.YY base English Language pack (linked from miuiandroid) - can be applied to both ROMs, but overwrites some more up to date apps on Celebration. Both Celbration HD 2.1 and the ROM found on MIUIAndroid are based from the chinese 1.7.22 (I think 2.1 is based of 1.7.22 as CHD2.1 has been in closed alpha for a week and is the last known weekly MIUI De version number) Celebration 2.1 is a themed version of MIUI 1.7.22 with the language pack [DE/EN] already merged into the ROM. It has updated some of the default apps found on the chinese 1.7.22 MIUIAndroid 1.7.22 has the raw chinese ROM, and a seperate English language pack.. it's (from what I can tell) a non-modified version of the Chinese ROM, other than language. There is currently no 1.7.26 ROM availble to general public for the O2x. There is a G2X Alpha 1.7.26 ROM out there, but... rather than being built from MIUI 1.7.26 is actually built and PORTED from the LG O2x 1.7.22 ROM (but was just compiled on the 26th July - hence the naming convention). MIUI China only release weekly [i think] (22nd July, 29th July etc etc) The next version is 1.7.29 (http://miuiandroid.c...review-changes/) Which, as it's naming convention suggests is today.... So... Celebration HD 2.2 has already been promised by the same time next week. Meaning it'll use a 1.7.29 base. The question is; can MIUIAndroid deliver their 'English' version of the ROM around the same time? edit: suspect CHD2.2 will go into closed testing again over the weekend, then MIUIAndroid will release their 1.7.29 ROM early next week; with CHD2.2 to be released to general public again on Thurs
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