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  1. You need to take the battery out, put it back in but don't switch phone on. Press the three following buttons at the same time Home, Volume Up and Power button. Hold for a few seconds while the phone boots up, it should take you to recovery. In recovery Wipe Dalvic Cache and Cache. Reboot into system, now your phone should work.
  2. If while running the problematic roms you go to About Device and see if the phone still shows IMEI number. I suspect it won't, I think when you formated you might have lost the EFS folder. When you run your backup everything is returned to normal.
  3. I'm pretty happy with the battery of the S4. It lasts the whole day. I think it's of the best in it's class as far as battery is concerned.
  4. Go for replacement on warranty. That battery should not go bad so quick. We have two S3s in my house and they still last and one of them was bought in June 2012, just when they came out.
  5. Well it's a tough question on my side since I'm always chasing new tech. I currently own both the S3 and S4. The S3 is still a seriously decent device. The only thing is that Android 4.4.2 is probably the last update it will get officially. If you know and not afraid of rooting your device then the official updates don't matter too much as it will be supported by the developer community for sometime to come. It's a good phone no doubt.
  6. The best and quickest way is to download the stock Rom from places like Sammobile.com and reset your phone then install the new Rom using ODIN. Edit: oops I'm sorry I assumed it was a Samsung. But still download and install the stock Rom. And find out about the best program to use.
  7. The only problem I've had with touchwiz is that there's no way to lock my desktop and because of the work I do this can be an issue. I end up swiping off the screen icon by mistake as I hurriedly try to answer my phone sometimes. So I use apex launcher (paid version). It works wonders for me especially with its gestures. But other than that reason I've had no qualms with touchwiz.
  8. I've never put a screen guard since the smartphones became glass. It just spoils the look especially when it's scratched. These modern screen are seriously tough.
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