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  1. ssi42, your theme is amazing! I'm currently using it with yonn's rom and it's working perfectly.
  2. Radio or phone, control the signal of the phone, gps, bluetooth, wifi... You can see your version in here: menu-settings-system-version: PDA is for rom and PHONE is for radio. Read carefully what you should do for flashing your phone. If you are not careful, you can damage you phone. I already said that i flashed my phone many many times... I posted some radios in here. You can flash a radio just like a rom. Good luck and i hope you'll solve your problem.
  3. Try to install new rom and new radio. Read carefully how you can do it. You can find roms in the subforum "i900 / General Omnia ROM Discussion". For radio, you can try the newest, puja1. Flashing your phone is not dangerous, if you are careful. I already flashed my phone over 50 times! If you want, you can cook your own rom. You can use Yonn's and ock's kitchens, or make your own. This would be better for the omnia community, than developing new software. Follow the work of Yonn and Ock and see what i mean. We need new chefs, so you can give your enthusiasm there! I hope you'll solve your problem.
  4. stefg

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    For HS++ V2.01 ROM, 2MBCache XPR: Free memory: ~54 MB Free Storage: ~84 MB
  5. stefg

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    I'm connecting my phone to a fresh install of windows 7... To be sure for the problem, i installed the Zero Cache rom and there was no problem! Storage card was recognized without a problem. Then i installed again 2MBCache XPR rom (PagePool 12) and i'm having the same problem. Windows (7, vista and xp!) see the phone as an "Unknown device" and the phone freeze... The only way to explore the files in the storage card is by using the activesync usb fuction. Any ideas? By the way, this may be the best rom i have ever tested. I'll be sure after a month! PS. Only one more person have the same problem? :)
  6. stefg

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Hello Yonn! I have a problem with 2MBCache XPR rom. Setting in the usb connection mode, mass storage - "storage card", storage card cannot be recognized by the windows, 7 or xp and the phone freeze. "My Storage", is recognized without a problem. Any solution?
  7. stefg

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    It looks amazing! Thank you Yonn!
  8. Hi Keivan Moradi! I'm using your v1.7 rom and so far i like it! Can you please tell me how can i restore the original weather? I don't want the full screen weather! Thanks!
  9. Radio and Phone, are the same. Here some of them: XBIC1, PUJA1, DXID1, DXIF1, PUIE1. You can flash them like a rom. Find which one is best for you. :D
  10. You should try different radio, not rom. I think XBIC1 is best for gps. But also PUJA1 is good enough for gps and the battery last longer.
  11. Why not?! Test whichever you want. I like to see new roms even if i'm not testing them all!
  12. Welcome back Ock! I hope you did well with your studies. I would like to see in the homescreen: clock, weather, calendar, notification for missed calls and messages and toggle for wifi-bluetooth. Your latest rom had some problems with the sms's, so please do something for that! :unsure:
  13. stefg

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Thank you Yonn!!! I'll test it! :unsure: Any chance to make a cab for your final ezinput?
  14. stefg

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    I'm glad to read that! :) Your rom looks great! PS. Yonn, can you make a cab with your final ezinput?

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