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  1. DesireUK

    Google Maps

    Thanks for this, i managed to fix it using the uid mismatch fixing thing ... and now i have the wi-fi problem which alot of other people are having on this forum. :P
  2. DesireUK

    Google Maps

    Hi, Ive just recently rooted my desire, and have found that google maps has disappeared from the apps list. when i go to settings>applications, i can see maps installed, and also when i go to android market, google maps is shown as installed, however, cant find it anywhere. having also updated to custom rom with the navigation panel ... i can see maps in that navigation panel, but it doesnt load. any ideas where the google maps app is gone ? or what i can do to bring it back / reinstall it? should i create another custom rom with maps and just flash my device again? :P
  3. Works fantastic... i had 69mb internal memory... i flashed with the a2sd update above and now i have 135mb internal free... thanks for this...
  4. i have flashed and updated rom from the online kitchen.. with ap2sd.. but after setting up my sd card partitions (ext3 5120mb) (rest on FAT32) and then installing an app, im still losing space on my internal... So im not sure if its working... how else can i check??
  5. Hi , Im new to android and rooting and all of this really... and would love some help here.. I believe i have rooted my htc desire using the instructions in the 1st post (updated 4th may). I am now trying to put a custom rom on my desire, but above it says i need to launch CRI How do i do that? your help would be much appreciated. Thanks Asif
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