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  1. Might come in handy: XDA Wiki
  2. Hehe, I remembered I saw this thread when I was going home back from work so I looked closely at my Desire and the back button is also a little bit peeled off :) :huh: It must happened today or the day before, cause I'm sure I would have noticed... The build quality of some HTC phones seems pretty mediocre to me, too bad Nokia sided with MS, they know how to build a phone (on the hardware side).
  3. You sure it was flibblesan who requested it? :P Nevermind, thanks Paul, much appreciated. This is just what I needed :D
  4. Are you on a Linux box? If so, try it like this: ./fastboot flash splash1 ./splash1.img (splash1.img must be in the same folder as fastboot).
  5. For anyone who is unsure on how to prepare and flash a custom splash1 image, allow me to paste here a step-by-step guide I posted on XDA: TO BEGIN WITH, YOUR PHONE MUST BE S-OFF. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS THREAD IF YOUR PHONE ISN'T S-OFF. In order to flash your custom splash1 image, prepare a *.BMP image with size corresponding to your device's display size (which in case of the Desire is 480x800). Make sure the image is in 24-bit color space (true colors), 16 or 32-bit images wont work. When you have the image prepared, download a tool called NBIMG (you'll find it on XDA). Put your image and nbimg.exe into the same directory, open up command prompt and then navigate to the folder where you've placed the files. I'll use c:\nbimg as an expamle. To convert the image to the smartphone format, issue the following commands: chdir c:\nbimg nbimg.exe -F mycustomimage.bmp -w 480 -h 800 This will create mycustomimage.bmp.nb file. If you want to be sure everything went alright, convert this file back to *.bmp format by using this command: nbimg.exe -F mycustomimage.bmp.nb -w 480 -h 800 This will create mycustomimage.bmp.nb.bmp. Open this file and compare it to your original image. If the images match (no artifacts, inverted colors, etc.), you are good to go and you can proceed to flash the image to the phone using fastboot. Take your converted image (mycustomimage.bmp.nb) and replace the .bmp.nb part with .img suffix so the resulting file is named mycustomimage.img. Now take this *.img file and put it to the tools subdirectory inside your Android SDK installation folder (fastboot.exe must be in said subdirectory, as I will use the path as an example). Connect the phone to your computer and enable usb debugging. Navigate to folder inside the Android SDK where adb.exe is located (older revisions of the SDK have it inside tools subdir, latest SDK has it inside platform-tools subdir). Reboot your device to bootloader mode through adb by issuing the following commands: chdir c:\AndroidSDK\tools adb.exe start-server adb.exe reboot bootloader When the phone reboots into bootloader, issue the following command to flash the image into the phone: fastboot flash splash1 mycustomimage.img Now reboot your phone using this command: fastboot reboot Enjoy your new custom splash1 image, you're all done :D And if you let me, I'd like to share a few CM7 (maybe a little blasphemy here on MoDaCo B)) splahes I have created. They're nothing extra, just a quick and noobish work in GIMP, so if you don't like them, just don't download them and please, don't troll. I won't react on comments saying "your images are fugly" or anything else alike :P Download the *.img files by clicking on corresponding images. MD5 sums: splash1_htc_cm7_droid.img 90beed110b59b76c0a1aad55c2b616af splash1_htc_cm7_fadedlights.img 008f8efe149f3361f4cdd8946e06f5df splash1_htc_cm7_white.img 53ca8a089685b47188cdefb1dded9ba0 splash1_htcyan_cm7.img 2014e223835574b115daf68935c0db4b ...or you can download md5sums of all the files above in a single *.md5 file here.
  6. Yeah, you can back up pretty much everything using Titanium Backup, but since you have already installed the new ROM, you're gonna have to restore the previous one, run TB, batch backup all apps & settings, wipe everything again, install new ROM, batch restore apps & settings via TB.
  7. Supported GSM frequencies depend on radio, not on ROM (assuming you have correct build.prop). IMHO you shouldn't encounter any issues, I think I've seen some Telus branded Desire owners hanging around here and happily using MoDaCo custom ROMs :rolleyes:
  8. I will always support such a noble cause. Donated what I could :P
  9. In your bake, didn't you exclude Sense/Rosie?
  10. Experiencing same behavior as OP. Wonder if they'll refund me... EDIT: Just read the blogposts linked by nilezon and I can only say I am totally shocked. Deleting WaveUnsecure from my phone right now.
  11. Alright then, didn't understand the guide applied only to the Paul's root method. Sorry.
  12. When you root using the unrEVOked method, there's no need to do this as you'll already have permanent clockwordmod recovery! Following this guide, you'll be loading clockwormod recovery (fake-flash) via clockwordmod recovery (permanent) :D
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