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  1. Given that the new Nokia N1 is Intel-based and will come with Android 5.0 (alebeit from Feb 2015), maybe there is a glimmer of hope?
  2. Surely the Acer S500 Cloud mobile sim-free at 169.99 including accessories at Expansys is a better deal? Yes, the battery is pretty average but that 720p screen!
  3. For me the big question is this: something like this or Raspberry Pi?
  4. Somehow I get the feeling that all this talk of an unlocked bootloader and asking them if they could included root access made them look twice at their current ROM and go back to the drawing board so they could close any loopholes...
  5. Actually it is not. The search provider you are referring to I assume is Baidu, whilst this phone is made by a small electronics reseller, Beidu...
  6. Interestingly enough, the Verizon version of the Galaxy SIII has a locked bootloader but someone managed to root it anyway. Perhaps something useful for the San DIego? http://rootzwiki.com/topic/29256-root-recovery-sch-i535-verizon-galaxy-s-iii/
  7. I am hoping that they will follow HTC and release a method of unlocking it but yet again with Orange involved it may be trickier than that...
  8. Well, after playing with it today I am seriously tempted. But as Sebastian mentioned before, I told the Intel rep at the Orange shop that as long as they keep the bootloader locked I will not be buying it. According to him, he has had a few people telling him exactly the same thing in the past couple days. Apparently all feedback is passed on to Intel and they are listening (taking that with a pinch of salt but a gran of hope is better than none!).
  9. In that case it is safe to say there is very little hope. I guess Orange will be punished for this the very same way they were punished with the Monte Carlo and SFII i.e. low sales.
  10. Paul, Everyone here appreciates your work and personally completely understand your "frustration" with this, which, if I dare to take a guess, was the doing of mostly Orange. However, and please accept my apologies for insisting on this, would it not be worth reaching out to Intel directly and making a case? Orange is after all famous for being, well, rather useless. Thanks
  11. It's still a shame we have to start looking at lesser devices for the same money. Damn you Orange!
  12. Expansys actually have it for even less, at a snip under £210.
  13. Well back to the Huawei G300 then unless anyone else comes out with a similar bargain anytime soon (ZTE?). By the way is it not worth reaching out to Intel directly and highlighting the issues with this approach?
  14. Paul, Just had a look at your earlier tweet. Am I right in assuming that Orange have confirmed that the bootloader is locked or have they been their usual useful self and not bothered responding yet? Thanks
  15. Fingers crossed they come back with the right answer although this being Orange I doubt it...
  16. Perhaps it is worth reaching out to Intel and/or Orange highlighting the issues that their lockdown creates and how it could drive off a lot of people? It is worth a punt, especially given how successful the dev community, including Paul, were in persuading HTC to change their policy after the backlash they received.
  17. Yes, yes and yes. But as my original posting, I have gone through all the information available here and on the other topic but none of these work. Neither the v4 script or the S2E Mod etc.. as all the boxes are grey and cannot chose any of the options. So, as per my original question, I was merely asking if there is a definitive solution to making this work.
  18. Apologies if this have been asked before and believe me I have gone through a number of the posts on this topic and the other one about A2SD, but can people suggest a way to get either A2SD or similar working with this ROM? After having installed a number of apps I am down to less than 60MB of space and seriously worried. Many thanks in advance.
  19. Completely agree but in this case given how quickly they came up with a ICS update for the Huawei Honor then I remain hopeful Of course, there is also the issue of ironing out the current software issues..
  20. Earlier today had a chat with a salesman at a Vodafone store who was pretty clued up (a rarity, I know!) and he shared a very interesting bit of information with me. Apparently the update to ICS will be coming much sooner than expected and in fact by the end of next month. As always I take that with a grain of salt but it could make the phone even more appealing...
  21. Here is a rather silly question but one I will ask anyway: if the phone is locked to Vodafone is that country specific or could it be used with Vodafone SIM cards from other European countries?
  22. It is very strange indeed especially since the first time I formatted my SD card through CWM I was under the impression that it was done as EXT3 yet the terminal indicated that it was in fact EXT4! Yet that should not have been an issue as I used the ROM with the new kernel. I have done a2sd reinstall and they have now appeared but still worried.
  23. KonstaT, Thanks for replying. Not using any other a2sd solution apart from what is built in the ROM. Indeed I lose all the user apps as if they were never installed and they show as black in the Applications list. I have also run a2sd check in the terminal and it says that the external partition is not mounted.
  24. Can anyone shed some light on this? It seems that every time I switch the phone off and then back on again the sd-ext cannot be mounted. Never had this issue with RLS5.
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