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  1. Just a quick update to this question - Link
  2. maybe when sense becomes open source it might be possible but at the moment as far as I am aware its not.
  3. As Tatey2457 says out of the box no. HTC never included it. Download Arc Media Player should solve your problem, it also plays .MKV as well.. I use it and is defently worth a look.
  4. My Device, using RCMIX HD with data2ext. sadly mybackup pro won't work with it so i can't currently can't install my angry birds saves ;) As for quadrant standard, I tried it on my friends san fran and it didn't load. please can you tell me what rom your using on the san fran, as I am obviously missing something. oh and incase you need a clearer picture shootme on the market works well.
  5. neocore is pretty old, it used to work good on my google G1 search for quadrant standard on the market, you will find it wont even run on a san francisco becasue its no-where near the build of your desire.
  6. yeah if you rooted any rom for the desire will work.. lots to choose from, since its 2.2 you wanted why not use the 2.2 kitchen here. Link I am guessing you don't have apps2sd+ not the Google version but the rom developer version please don't ask me to explain the difference. :lol: so just make sure you find a rom without apps2sd+ and you will be fine. Or do more research and go for a apps2sd+ one.
  7. I got mine an unbranded model on a £40 a month 12 month deal with Vodafone. My contract is now due, and originality I was going to sell my desire (but definitely not on ebay because they rip you off big time when you sell a mobile phone) and then get a Nexus S, but first thing is I like sense so it ticked the wrong box, secondly its specification doesn't really stand out nothing revolutionary like say a dual core processor for example which 2011 is going to be flooded by these phones. So I have now decided when my contract is up since my Desire is rooted, and supported by most ROM developers some even doing Desire HD ports for I'd say at least another year even after at present HTC have probably decided by now that HTC Desire HD is more important then its predecessor and since some developers may be tied into 24 month contracts they keep supporting the Desire long after. So to cut a long story short I have decided to get a SIM deal for £10.50 on 3 Three on a rolling 12 month contract the other £30 i will be saving up, ready to put it towards a new phone added to the sale of my Desire, when one that stands out from the crowed becomes available.
  8. You can change as many roms as you want and the splash will stay the same in your case, yours which is impressive. The only reason in my opinion you would want to go back to stock is if you were to send your phone back for repair. If this is the case don't quote me but I am under the impression that when you flash an original RUU stock rom which will un-root your phone and remove S-OFF and set your splash back to stock so they can't tell you have rooted it. If you still want to stay rooted and have the stock boot splash you can use this utility or download the attached zip which contains two files fastboot.exe and splash1.img with splash1.img would be the only one you would need for this utility. If that failed the other way is to extract fastboot.exe from this zip along with splash1.img anywhere on your computer even your desktop if need be then click on start -> (run if windows xp) or in the search box if windows 7 or vista and type "cmd" without the quotes this will open up a black window with a command prompt. Next you need to get your phone to boot into its boot loader, you do this as you probably know by pressing the volume down and power button when your phone is rebooting make sure fastboot is selected in the menu, then press the power button. Now plug your usb cable into your phone and white text with red box saying fastboot will say fastboot usb, find where you extracted fastboot.exe and drag and drop it into the black window, next make a space and type flash then another space and type splash1 then one more space and drag and drop splash1.img to the black window and press return this will put the stock splash back onto your phone fastboot_win32.zip
  9. If your using fastboot under DOS in windows: fastboot flash splash1 (location of splash1.img) you can do this by dragging and dropping the splash1.img from where ever you saved it too into the DOS window, and it will put the path to the splash1.img into the command line for you.
  10. try to downgrade your HBOOT using this tutorial LINK also read though some of the post there may be easier way of doing it like HERE, I personalty never had to do this but its a start.
  11. not sure if Paragon Partition Magic reads ext partitions, but if it does then i recommend you get rid of ur ext partition if possible then format ur sd card to fat 32 then remake ur ext partition with Paragon Partition Magic or use gparted off a ubuntu disk without any changes to your system. your best bet though is to get gparted running under a linux environment it may be able to repair ur ext partition if it corrupt
  12. REQ: SOFF The only thing I take credit for in this post is my Boot Splash all other stuff is taken from various sources off the web and other forums. 1. I downloaded DHD Rom Port by baadnwz v1.3 (guess any rom you prefer will do) 2. I downloaded Ziggy471Kernel-BRAVO-update_signed-11242010-0610.zip for Loop features (since the kernel that comes with my chosen rom does not support it. Yours may do already) 3. I downloaded MyBackup Pro from the android market (free version works the same) and backed up all my apps and settings. 4. I then mounted my sdcard to my computer, and copied DHD Rom Port by baadnwz v1.3 and Ziggy471Kernel-BRAVO-update_signed-11242010-0610.zip to my sdcard, unmounted and booted into recovery. 5. In recovery I did a nandroid backup then factory reset and wiped, then installed DHD Rom Port by baadnwz v1.3 once the install had finished I rebooted and waited for it to load up. Once loaded up I logged into my google account, accessed the market and re-downloaded MyBackup Pro and installed it, then restored my applications and settings. Then rebooted my phone as requested. 6. Once my phone had rebooted and everything was back to normal, I booted into recovery again, then I wiped my cache and dalvik cache then installed Ziggy471Kernel-BRAVO-update_signed-11242010-0610.zip once this had installed I rebooted my phone waited a while then once loaded I checked my Settings -> About Phone -> Software information to see if it showed the new Kernel. 7. now everything was sweet and running I followed this guide from Nexus One Hacks to get Ubuntu running on my Desire along side the android O/S without any damages to your android O/S like it used to be with Debian on my G1 many moons ago. There is how ever a minor downside to this set-up, for some reason during a reboot my screen goes black, as if the phone is not turned on, after about 1 min or less wait the boot screen appears and the phone loads up as normal. Whether or not this is connected to any of the set-up in anyway I do not know. Also the Ubuntu Distro uses a 2 gig img so it will take up 2 gig worth of space on your sdcard there is a way to make your own image but I lost the link to it along with my G1, and don't have time to search for it. Hope if you decide to follow this guide it all works out OK for you.
  13. anyone notice the sync icon stays on for way too long. or is it just me
  14. dreamdealer

    Desire Noob

    if you rooted your phone with unrevoked, why are you trying to flash an RUU.exe you will loose root if it did work.
  15. I have done a quick search, on Google and other forums, for the answer and not found anything i could of done a longer search but in truth I really can't be arsed taking all my time trying to find an answer to something that might not even exist, anyway I was hoping that someone might have the answer or direct me to a location or resource where I can find the answer. Anyway the question is, I have a ext3 sdcard partition and apps2sd and its getting full. I currently have Andorid 2.2 and do not want to resize my sdcard ext3 partition but when I move the an app that is officially allowed by the developer to the sdcard using froyo my phone storage does not go down. So please if anyone can resolve this question then It would be much appreciated.
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