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  1. Fresh Mirrors! V1 WWE http://depositfiles....files/ti3uvabe7 http://uplly.com/xk9xxsilgy4x V2 WWE http://depositfiles....files/bg2qvfhxs http://uplly.com/4gzwklvixq15
  2. I have searched my HD for B7610 ROMs .. Unfortunately no Mega-lit-Ex ROMs .. Sorry dudes .. If you need any other mirrors; let me know. ;)
  3. The x31 camera cab is, like you suggested, made for the daskalos' experimental rom series and meant to "fix" the camera, since it wasn't working out of the box with those roms. It won't work on official roms. Read (!) some tutorials, get one of most recent (ultra-)light wm6.1, 6.5 or 6.5.x custom roms from the coll. thread, back-up your stuffs, flash it and see if it gets any better .. I haven't read complains about the camera qualíty in any of those threads. Es gibt hier auch viele fantastische custom roms in deutsche Sprache ;) Viel Glück, wenn Sie irgendwelche Fragen haben, lassen Sie mich wissen.
  4. Hi there, try one of the custom wm6.1 roms for b7610 (sakisds', thunder's, jacobn's), they're all pretty decent. It gives you 100+ MB ram after first boot; more than enough for spb shell, wisbar and whatever you like to run ..
  5. http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-pro-b7610-modaco-com/319401/new-b7610-omnia-pro-collection-thread/&view=findpost&p=1427430/ At your service .. ;) Detailed guides, flashtools, roms.
  6. Your dedication and wisdom meant a big deal to this community! Thanks again Thunder. We had some great times here in this tiny b7610 universe, later referred to as the good old days. See you around ... (I recognize your sentiments towards WP7 and Droid... Am living with a Droid (SE X Play :P ) now, missing the real WinMo freedom.)
  7. Have you tried changing language to Dutch in Samsung Settings? (Reboot is required. Original rom will return, but ALL data will be wiped)
  8. Have you tried one of the Samsung VC cabs from the collection thread?
  9. if you haven't flashed anything but pda part you can try changing the language to greek in samsungs menu. this should revert rom back to stock
  10. most probably a hardware defect then ...
  11. Welcome! :D Give it a hard reset and see if the problem remains. (This will remove all data from the phone. Back up important stuff ...)
  12. Install SRS WOW HD drivers found in the collection thread. And use other mediaplayers like Coreplayer/TCPMP or Nitrogen. Samsungs player is fancier I admit, but no good for everyday use.
  13. Maybe Dropbox? Or cut it in 10MB parts with 7zip :rolleyes: (And email them :rolleyes: ) (A pidgeon with a microsd attached :) )
  14. 50+ MB RAM free is advisable. :) Look around for Princeagarwal's fpse thread ... there are some more fpse.ini tweaks i cannot remember ... it is somewhere around here in the b7610 section. Found it ! :rolleyes: http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...tally-playable/
  15. Get OpenGles, S3Clock, FPU Enabler & Turbo3D. Free up a bunch of RAM by closing Sense or Shell (or get a 6.1 ROM). Run FPU (twice) and hide it. Overclock to 900+. Set Turbo3D to Fast - 22. In FpseCE enable DirectX ... ... Should give you around 40~50 fps in most games.
  16. Disable Samsung menu in your startup folder (inside windows folder), it is called Menu2 I believe. Or use a replacement, like Quick Menu (, Wisbar, etc.). Or hide the onscreen start button with WKTask (make sure to remap a hardware key to some kind of start menu before hiding it, or else you'll make your device inaccessible :D ) @jappoman: Yes :D
  17. I'm using this rom for quite a while now and never had these problems. The csc is b7610nxenik2 (Or any other problems, everything works amazingly well ...)
  18. This problem has has occured to me a few times, it comes and goes.. Try a different charger or charging the b7610 when it's off.
  19. tskok : What is the max output of the charger you use? (It must be 600 mA or more.)
  20. Ok! (Though the link seems fine to me ...) Enjoy! :P jacobn's LT2 WM6.1 ROM - MIRROR http://www.mediafire.com/?pvt675t6hvdh147
  21. Please explain "contextual menu" .. :0 You mean the softkey pop-up menus? Or startmenu? As for them, the bigger font(-size) : the bigger the menus. Change menu fontsizes in SKTools Fonts tab and reboot. :mellow:
  22. Thank you so much! Working fine. Marble Worlds 2 works Xtrakt doesn't, Experiment 13 doesn't
  23. The one tap solution : (on the fly!) Open Total Commander/CE on your device (WM) Press Edit button (the-white-page-with-the-pencil icon next to Show) Press File >> New Paste or type this in the empty [unnamed] file : 40#"Windows\tmail.exe" -service "SMS" -to "" Press File >> Save as text ... Name = New SMS.lnk (LNK, not ink!) , save in any folder Shortcut finished! Now move the .lnk file to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ folder In SPB Shell : Add Widget >> Shortcut >> Programs >> and select your "New SMS" shortcut Done! :) You can also pre define phone numbers and/or text : 40#"Windows\tmail.exe" -service "SMS" -to "FILL IN PHONENUMBER" -body "FILL IN TEXT"
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