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  1. yes, today was my last day with omnia II! I own a Galaxy S now. Galaxy S works much better than omniaII. Thx a lot to all who have created custom roms for omnia II. All the best! PS: I will go to android section of modaco :P
  2. hello sh.a.rk! can we hope for a new build from you? all the best!
  3. what is NCF? sorry for my noob question, but i want to try this, your latest rom. Has 2909v1 samsung settings included in rom?
  4. @ rolandom=> It is 6.5.3! The samsung SMS prog is still there. Is it possible to disable the samsung sms prog and use just the windows default? (i know that the default windows sms prog is ugly, but is not so laggy). Thx in advance for your help! PS: i am using I8000NXXJH2 LITE ROM 20100906 build and is very good! PS2: Do you know a software for windows mobile which can do a full backup for my contacts? The back up must be saved on my storage card in the phone, for the future restore from this location.
  5. Has the "JH2 LITE 20100906" release the same settings like "I8000NXXJG2 LITE 20100902"? "I8000NXXJG2 LITE 20100902" was great! Thx a lot for sharing this ROMs! LE: just flashed....very good!
  6. is this the last rom? is this the same with "Rom based on newest MS build 21915 (JG5 is 21914)//http://www.rapidshare.com/files/415524347/pdaNew21915b.nb0 //Samsung settings NEW with camera driver http://www.rapidshare.com/files/415789066)/New_settings.zip)? thx in advance for your answer. PS: Has this release that language problem (hungarian in opera and sms samsung) fixed?
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