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  1. On my first day of a week long conference the screen of my thinkpad X61-tablet died in the middle of a lecture of mine . I had several more lectures to give and had to produce presentations and notes for them during the week as well as taking notes from what others were talking about. I both use the tablet and the laptop funktion of the thinkpad quite heavely and was suddenly crippled. There was no time to buy a new laptop and install it so borrowed an Advent Vega and duct taped it in front of the thinkpad screen and used VNC to display the thinkpad screen. Suddenly I had three computers in one: the thinkpad as a laptop, the vega, and the enhanced thinkpad tablet, now with two finger scrolling instead of having to bring out the pen all the time. Even flipping the screen was working. Thanks Advent, for saving my week!
  2. Me too would appreciate this. In fact, i would never have gotten the desire in the first place hadnt i been so stupid to presume that phone call recording was a non-issue. I sometime negotiate contracts over the phone and being able to record what has been agreed is essential. This really would make the desire what i expected it to be. Anyone know if a kernel for the desire with this module is available elsewhere?
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