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  1. Hi Paul, Jr3 works fine - thanks. How do you think about implementing the tablet GUI - as an option? xda-Dev LINK
  2. Hi, tried to change LCD Density via: - adb pull /system/build.prop build.prop - (change from "ro.sf.lcd_density=320" to "ro.sf.lcd_density=280") - adb remount - adb push build.prop /system/build.prop - adb reboot But the GNEx doesn´t start again - any idea? The only way to get it alive again is to reflash the ROM.
  3. Hi Paul, great work - thanx! Works fine so far. The only thing I´m missing is a way to change LCD Density - may be as an option in the kitchen.
  4. I know, that there are new versions of the radio and the boot image. It's the same as with other Android devices - where it sometimes doesn't matter. So - do really know that a full install is recommended or do you only think it may be better?
  5. Hi Paul, is a direct update possible from 3.41.405.x to 3.48.405.x by flashing only the "stock-hc-flyer-system-3.48.405.1.zip"? Thanx, Achim
  6. The Unlocker is part of Paul´s Guide: http://android.modaco.com/topic/345950-installing-honeycomb-on-your-flyer-the-complete-guide/
  7. Hi Paul, can you edit the build.prop file under /system/build.prop as described here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1185688 #Phone Thanks. D.
  8. IMHO this is the wrong thread for your question - post it there to get help: http://android.modaco.com/topic/345950-installing-honeycomb-on-your-flyer-the-complete-guide/
  9. Don't run this RUU - take the guide. As Paul wrote in the first post of this thread - the RUU is for devs only.
  10. Read Pauls first Post in this thread - via fastboot. First Post in this thread #18 - in recovery
  11. Jep, worked fine. Issue: The button row is not fully activ - "Home", "Menu" and "Back" are not available, "PenOptions" is available.
  12. Hi Paul, great job! Q: I rooted and "S-OFFed" my Flyer some weeks ago using this guide and atm it has a CustomROM. Will there be any problem or do I just have to start with step 9 (after all the downloads)? Deerhunter
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