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  1. kie777

    MILESTONE 2.1 update and root guide

    Hi guys, i followed this tutorial and successfuly rooted my phone with no issue, i just want to ask what should i do if i want to get the open recovery like the one on xda?
  2. hi, jdouce,first of all thanks for your reply, i tried your method but found an error as attached, what did i do wrong? my step was (turn device off,turn back on with holding volume down,plug it to my mac,assign it for the VM, then go to the recovery,got the black page with the red triangle and type the command)
  3. hi, i managed to get my desire rooted, using the previous method (tinycore linux), ran it as virtual machine on my mac. My question is how do i get back to the custom recovery? do i need to get my goldcard back to my phone? and then what should i do? can i do it in the tiny core linux that i previously downloaded? The reason i want to do this is because i want to flash the modaco custom rom into my device? can anybody help me?
  4. hi, this is actually my first post here although i've been reading stuffs for quite some times, i managed to root my HTC desire using the tinycore linux supplied,created a goldcard on windows then running the tinycore as a virtual machine in my macbook. I have baked my MCR on the online kitchen ,and my question is how do i flash the zip files? how do i get to custom recovery? do i need to put my goldcard back in my device? can i use the tiny core linux? or should i use windows or even mac to do that? is there anybody willing to tell me the step by step guide? thanks

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