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  1. I choose Razr because it is available now and it has webtop. But otherwise I would choose Nexus. But now I'm happy with Razr even I don't have webtop adapter. It's maybe bigger jump between Razr and liquid like between my old HTC Tytn and Liquid.
  2. Thanks all for support, custom ROMs, especially for guys from LiquidNext. I have changed Liquid for Razr. If there is somebody from Czech Republic or Slovakia, I have one Liquid with black spot on display and without working sim slot.
  3. Hi first I made clean install on top of stock rom and it was laggy and terribly slow. When I want to return to 1.8 my nandroid backup was broken, so I wiped everything again a give 1.9 another chance and flash it. Now it is fast and smooth.. There''s some lags from time to time and I have reboot twice, but it's better then 1.8. There is still problem with huge display battery consumption.
  4. It'll be great if battery drain issue will be finally fixed. Leider it will be week after my liquid fall down and now it have nice black corner with colorful border on screen. So I hope now it will last at least to presentation of ICS.
  5. I have also battery form april 2010, but with stock rom it last much longer(maybe twice) and power consumption of screen is much lower
  6. My battery drain is also very high when screen is turn on. I have this issue from very beggining with LiquidNext or CM7
  7. It's maybe little bit better, but there is still problem with huge battery drain when screen is turn on.
  8. Everything seems perfect except hd youtube and battery drain. With screen of, wifi off and 2g data on it takes maybe only 5% per hour. But when I turn on the screen it takes more than 20% per hour. Even with minimal use it shows that screen takes more then 70% of battery. Power tudor now with 1.7.2 shows that LCD takes around 500 mW when its turn on. Its very good, because with 1.5 it takes over 1000mW. But in the fact display takes maybe more now then in 1.5.
  9. me too also terrible battery drain, even after reboot. In 4 hour it goes from 100 to 30%. I have also softkey issue.
  10. No, you are not. I have same problem. I think that it was maybe little bit better(5%) to version 1.3. I have also problem from version 1.3.1 that I usually cannot connect to secure wifi network. I try both WPA and WEP. Free wifi works. If this problems will be solved and I'll have my liquid I'll buy the donate app. I promise :) Good luck Suxsem
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