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  1. I suggest to flash mtd0.img as is... I made few tests and there is no needed to have correct CID to get working USB.
  2. perfect ;-) any chance you flash modified kernel and dump SPL if I tell you how ?
  3. this is great finding... does anybody noticed that he has propably full write access to all partitions ? can you please do for me a small test ? can you try the following in normal boot : adb shell mount -o remount,rw /system mkdir /system/test ls -l /system rmdir /system/test and paste here the output ?
  4. isn't possible to fix SD via fastboot ? : Go to fastboot mode and type: fastboot oem enableqxdm 0
  5. you can try propably Bluetooth ;-) or wifi
  6. is there any particular reason why you are using 'cat source > destination' instead of 'cp source destination' ?
  7. To me it looks like bug in HTC recovery (kernel), that allows you to write beyong data partition (the next partition on NAND is misc). That explains a lot to me ;-)
  8. you need this from unbricked device aswell.
  9. no need anymore... We dit it ! check http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...ed-b0rked-fixed
  10. seems like you are locked in debug mode. the good think is you will propably be able to access device at low level. Has anybody tried to use QXDM / QPST ? QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tool) is an windows application developed by Qualcomm for cellular phones that feature Qualcomm chipsets. It features a file explorer, factory test tools, low level communication settings, RF calibration tools, roaming list editor, service programming tool, and more.
  11. here you have working port for desire : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=686567 unfortunately it won't work on MCR r2
  12. hi All I've managed to use the mod on HTC Desire with sense ROM. not sure if it will works also on nexus one, but if there is anybody to try feel free. here is the how-to : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=679937
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