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  1. thanks... I see... it seems my phone is working so hard, it has barely time for switching on the lights...the.kinda....flick, flashen up.. on the other other hand i realize massive lags when starting apps....strange.... i cannot help but i guess this shitty sdcard0 and sdcard1 are f*cking up everything...just a hunch... update: I am pretty sure the massive lags are produced by the sd0 sd1 mix-up....and my sd-card seems to be a little slow. Now, as a result I have to leave this rom....I was really hoping for improvement but opening facebook takes ages...other apps too...my wife would kill me *g* Maybe someone has a hint for me.....for now I am out.....unfortunately... :-(.....
  2. is there a known issue with the background lights at the bottom (menu - home - back)? my lights are off.... :-(
  3. just to be on the safe side: is this the correct checksum? MD5 "c6b323b9eef23032e560c15aa9de18af *AOSP_MOD_(22072014).zip" I am tempted to install this rom on my wife's g510 - it really sounds good :-)
  4. Tried your recommendation and failed. Installed ROM - booted fine. Installed Kernel - boot and constant crashes of some phone.core component (i wasn't asked for pin any longer) - very annoying so I flashed rom again to get rid of v42 kernel. went fine....but whole thing was very rocky..... at least for g510 my experience was disappointing...
  5. Hi! Can anyone tell me how to fix the charging animation? When phone is switched off and in charging mode the animation (battery loading up.....percentages....) is jumping. I thought this rom would fix it but I have this bug since upgrading from stock (170) on my g510-100 to some shady 199 build (which I think was optimized for the y300).... TIA!
  6. Well, in my experience this rom was a bad move. I put it on my wife's phone and since then lags all over and bluetooth gives no sound in the car. So I am sorry but I cannot celebrate this one... but thanks anyway...dev is always welcome....
  7. it's called "cell broadcast" (CB) - on the german handset it says: "Kurznachricht - Empfang von CB-Nachrichten deaktivieren" the box should be UN-CHECKED to avoid receiving these strange numbers.
  8. update: got myself a 8gig class6-card. ext4 1gig. and the jittery apps-scrolling is still there. i honestly think it's a sense-thing. everything else is smooth, though!
  9. thanks for the answers. so I am guessing I should try a faster card then....and maybe one day I'll manage to establish a valid ext4-partition. merry christmas!
  10. currently i am on badnews 1.3 - it is ok but not smooth (at least what I understand in terms of smoothness) it's less the flipping through the screens, more when scrolling through "All Apps" Screen. It just seems like every icon is loaded "on demand" causing the lag/jitter while scrolling.
  11. I tried a couple of roms - not many. But I always found scrolling to be quite jittery. And this is - if you talk to people - when you get the answer "See! That's why you should have bought an iphone" Don't get me wrong, I love my Desire. But I keep asking myself..."why all the modding, the hard dev-work, the porting" when basic operation is still imperfect? When I read "smooth rom" I expect smooth scrolling in the first place. Did any of you guys really experience a sense-rom with smoooooooth scrolling? If so, please tell...show me the way *g*
  12. KIRAN and FREADAROONY are a perfect example why I am posting this: I HATE these postings! BOTH users complaining and users (inappropiately) worshipping and "protecting" Paul are *really* going on my nerves since all these postings are pointless, cluttering this thread making it hard to read. I was even thinking about my own posting but finally decided to drop these lines - actually I am confident most of the readers share my opinion. So, please guys...I ask you kindly to STFU. I can't think about a solution... maybe Paul should split threads in a read-only and a discussion thread??
  13. for those who want "r10": check "v10" of this one: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=789830 seems to run fast and quite stable - NO CAM,yet!
  14. went to LeeDroid 2.2 for the same reason - no problems here. :) great rom..but I prefer ticking boxes in a kitchen (gives me a feeling of control somehow....hehe) Waiting for r10...with bits of "HD"-feeling...hopefully
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