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  1. Can you guys help me please. I am looking for a rom that will have Russian as a local language, or at least so that i can use it with a keyboard. Any help or links or kind words appreciated :)
  2. Not to put you guys down, but don't think it will happened. So if you want that nice looking UI well have to get a new phone.
  3. Will this ever be moved to pre-baked status? But nowt with so many bugs :( Thank you P.
  4. What is the diff between this and R5 in the other thread?
  5. what is the difference between r5 and r23 dev WIP?
  6. No need for pre bakes with a bug list mile long.
  7. Paul is doing a great job, but i fear that this might follow the other Desire port path. BT will not be fixed, and battery life will be disappointing. But hopefully i will be wrong, and this will be a stable good ROM. Waiting for prebaked :angry:
  8. Any one knows when pre baked rom will be around?
  9. Been there done that. So Froyo is what i use now.
  10. Well that could help, but what would you say about BT not working?
  11. I get this error message that Activity Launcher stopped responding and the options Waite or Force Closed. Why am i getting that message? I started happening when i upgraded to 91.
  12. I do what usually people do on the phone. 10 min on the phone, a few text messages and batt is half dead after a full charge.
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