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  1. Hi all, I'm running the latest Modaco ROM on my Desire Z. Running great. But i like to overclock it to 1Ghz or 1,4Ghz. SetCPU gives me a max of 806MHz. :D How can i unlock the rest of the speed in SetCPU? Thanks in advance! DennusB
  2. Hi, I installed the last Modaco R3 rom on my Desire Z. Running great. The only thing i miss(i come from Cyanogenmod) is the trackball wake feature. Is there a way to enable this in Modaco R3? Thanks in advance! :P DennusB
  3. I have a question, is the blue LED working in this rom?
  4. Hi, I have a question. I have a dutch HTC Desire(T-mobile), can i flash Radio update (from Asia 1.19.707.6 update) without problems? Or is this only for Asia? Thanks :huh:
  5. Is it possible to use the old root method? The linux boot cd doesn't work on my PC(Asus mobo, i5 750) :huh: Keyboard + Mouse are dead in the screen.
  6. Then click the Enable USB option, and copy the rooted .zip file to your phone :huh: Then click on your trackpad and try flashing again :P
  7. My e drive ? What are you talking about ? :P I flashed it a few secs ago, and i'm now installing it :huh: Working great!
  8. Great :huh: Did you wipe first? I did forget to wipe and my Desire kept rebooting. Now reflashing it :P
  9. Is it normal that my phone reboots multiple times after flashing rooted update?
  10. I can confirm that you likely will need a 32BIT LINUX! Wasn't working on 10.04 64Bit, is working on 9.04 32BIT!!!!! :huh:
  11. I'm running 9.10 64bit too! I think this is the problem. i'm creating an 9.10 32BIT live usb stick now with UNETBOOTIN :huh: Hope this will help
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